Which Is the Best Portable Inverter Generator?

Best Portable Inverter Generator Reviews, 3.0 from 5 based on customer ratings. A portable generator adds an extra power boost to your home or for frequent camping as this is an excellent chance to take advantage of additional electrical power. They are available at your nearest hardware store or easily online. These generators are quite affordable, however, they do tend to be more expensive than their gas-powered cousins. Nevertheless, they do have many distinct advantages, one of which is the ability to operate off of just about any source of fuel.

best portable inverter generator reviews

So what are the best portable inverter generators reviewed today? In order to give you the best overall picture, we’ve broken down the features of these devices based upon customer feedback and ratings. So what do we consider when rating the different types of generators available? Fuel Type – This is obviously an important detail to consider for any portable device as gas and diesel generators are the most popular. In our opinion, the best portable gas powered generators are those that run off of propane rather than gasoline. They are usually smaller in size as well, although there are some that are as large as two or three vehicles!

Output Port Type – A number of portable generators have been designed with certain output ports pre-installed. In our review of the Best Portable Inverter Generator Reviews (Statton P2200), a number of devices feature one or more output ports pre-installed so you can connect the unit directly to your gas, oil, or diesel source. This is a convenient feature if you often go on road trips and run out of fuel during long trips. Some of these generators even come with a battery backup to keep your power going in case the main power goes out. Others do not have this feature so you will need to purchase an additional battery to store energy.

Clean Power Type – The best portable inverter generator reviews name the following brands as their top performers. They are; Krell, Summermobile, and Traxxas. Traxxas is widely considered the “Powersaver” of the portable equipment world. The unit has an aluminum tank and is designed to be very easy to install. It also utilizes what is known as a super compressor to give you clean, high wattage power that is very reliable.

Max wattage – One thing that separates portable inverter generators is the maximum wattage they can produce. Some of the units available can produce up to nine hundred watts of power output. The more powerful the generator, the more expensive the unit will be. Most of these units are priced between one hundred and four hundred dollars. The most powerful conventional generators produce six hundred watts of power output.

Maximum running wattage – This is perhaps the most important rating a model can have. Portable generators are measured in watts. One watt is the amount of energy needed to power one light bulb for one hour. Most units will have a maximum running wattage range of somewhere between one and two hundred watts. Obviously, you would never want to use a unit that produced more than two hundred watts on a sunny day.

Full Tank Factor – If you are going to be running a generator over a longer period of time, you definitely want to purchase a unit with a full tank factor. Most devices will last between fifty and eight hours, depending on how much use they get. Units with a full tank factor will typically last anywhere from five to eight hours.

Overall, it should go without saying that you want a device that has the highest overall output power. Different models will vary in this area, but generally speaking, the larger the unit the more powerful its output power. Also keep in mind the running wattage. The best portable inverter generator reviews will give you an idea of what power output range of a model can provide you with.

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