Tri Fuel Portable Generator – Natural Gas Or Propane?

If you are campers, hikers, motorhome owners, RVers, or maybe even a hunter who wants to use a portable generator while out in the wilderness than a tri fuel portable generator will be perfect for you. What makes this type of generator different from other types is the fact that it uses natural gas to provide power and energy. The only thing you will need to purchase to use it is propane gas which can be obtained at most local retailers. Propane is usually sold in canisters so you do not need to worry about finding some in your nearby streams or wells.

As the name suggests, this generator uses gas to power itself and run. It is easy to install and as mentioned before is very efficient when it comes to providing energy. This generator uses an air compressor to mix the gas and oxygen. This combination is extremely effective and causes the gas to become bubbling hot. This is the source of its power and heat.

You do not have to worry about this gas running out either because when it runs out of oxygen it automatically shuts off and starts producing electricity again. So there is no concern with this generator using up natural gas either. Another plus factor of this generator is that it has a safety switch which allows it to turn itself off in case of an electrical overload. Some users also say that the generator has a quiet running speed but it depends on the model. Check yours out so you know if it has a quiet running speed.

The natural gas that this tri fuel portable generator uses is a cleaner source of fuel than propane and is better for the environment as well. Propane is a petroleum product that can cause many negative effects to the environment if it is not handled properly. When this generator runs on natural gas, the exhaust is odorless so you are not putting off any pollution to the environment. Also this fuel portable generator takes a longer time to build than other models.

If you decide that this generator is what you want to use then you can find it in several different places. The best way to go about finding one of these generators is to do your research and see what brands and models that you like the best. Just remember to check out reviews online of any product you plan on buying so that you can know if people are saying things are good or bad about it.

The size of generator you buy will depend on how much you are going to be using it and the amount of space you have available that you would like to keep it in. Usually a small one will fit in a little space but it will not be that big. You may be able to store a larger generator at the same time so that you can have enough power to help you with your tools. However, the natural gas generator does take up more room than most other generators so it may not be the best option for your storage needs.

Now that you have an idea of what you are looking for, you need to figure out which fuel portable generator will be best for you. Some people prefer to use propane while others use natural gas. While they are both great options they have their own pros and cons. So, you need to research them both so that you can make the best decision. It may be worth it to look into them so that you can determine which one will work best for you.

You also need to consider the cost of fuel for each generator. While it will definitely be cheaper to use a natural gas generator, it will take longer to get it will cost more than propane. This is why you need to weigh the costs of the two so that you can make an informed decision as to which will work best for you. As long as you do your research and consider all your options you should be able to find a great Tri fuel portable generator.

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