The Stanley FatMax Portable Battery Charger

The Stanley FatMax is a portable battery charger. The device features three power settings: high, medium, and low. On the highest setting, it lasts about an hour, while on the lowest it lasts around seven hours. The device ships partially charged, and requires about four hours to fully charge. The bottom of the device has an indicator light that turns green when fully charged, orange when it is halfway charged, and red when it needs charging.

The Stanley FATMAX is the benchmark in performance, reliability, and quality. When you’re a professional, you should own a Stanley FATMAX tool. These tools are perfect for a wide range of tasks, from DIY projects to construction sites. A STANLEY tool is the true measure of a professional. The range of products includes everything from screwdrivers to nailers. To get started with a Stanley FATMAX power tool, visit StanleyBlackandDecker’s website.

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