The Power Station’s “Some Like It Hot” Music Video

the power station some like it hot

The Power Station performed “Some Like It Hot” in a music video released to promote their album “The Power Station.” The video begins with an animated sequence showing a woman in an abstract pose dancing. Then, Robert Palmer, dressed as a priest, sings the song on a blue set decorated with cacti. Throughout the video, we see clips of women getting ready.

Caroline Cossey was a model in “Some Like It Hot”

Caroline Cossey was the first transgender model to appear in a movie, and was also the first transgender person to pose for a Playboy magazine. Born Barry Kenneth Cossey, she was mistaken for a girl when she was a child and grew up feeling uncomfortable in her own skin. At the age of 17, she began taking female hormones and began living as a female. When the film was released, Caroline was outed as transgender and began modeling.

Cossey was engaged to Count Glauco in 1983. She became a transgender activist, and she and Count Glauco got married in London. In 1989, they got married in London, but the marriage didn’t last long, and Cossey and Fattal divorced shortly after the honeymoon. After the divorce, Cossey married Canadian comic book artist David Finch. The couple live in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

After the film, Cossey began modeling under the name Tula. She was featured in several magazines, including Harper’s Bazaar and Australian Vogue. She also appeared in the 3-2-1 game show in 1978. Her success as a model continued for years after her transgender identity was made public.

Caroline Cossey’s modeling career took off before she underwent sex reassignment surgery. She was 6 feet tall and became a popular fashion model. She was also featured on a number of magazine covers and did several commercials. She also appeared in the movie For Your Eyes Only in 1980.

“Some Like It Hot” is a hit song by the English-American rock supergroup The Power Station. It peaked at number six on the Billboard Hot 100. It was also featured in many compilation albums, including Robert Palmer’s greatest hits collection Addictions. The song was a popular radio hit, and was even featured in National Lampoon’s European Vacation.

The transgender recognition act gave Cossey the right to change her birth certificate. Despite this, Cossey’s surgery was still deemed purely cosmetic. Cossey became Cossey when she was 18. She was then living with her second husband in Atlanta.

Robert Palmer performed a re-worked version of the song on his 1986 world tour

The Power Station are one of the most influential bands of the eighties. With a wide range of hits, they spanned a wide range of musical styles. Known for their blues-tinged pop, they were huge favourites of Durans and the band supported them on charity shows in the early eighties. Palmer met Durans frontman John Taylor on a plane and told him about a side project he was working on. “The Power Station” was the group’s moniker, and they called their New York recording studio after the recording studio.

Power Station had a new album, Power Station, due for release later this year. The album featured a mix of Hard Rock and Bossa Nova music and a number of tracks driven by Extreme’s Nuno Bettencourt. The album became a hit for Palmer and earned him a higher tax bracket.

Before becoming a rock star, Palmer spent 20 years as a minor star. His early stints as a lead singer in a band garnered only a modest following, but the release of the hit single “Some Like It Hot” catapulted Palmer’s career into the arena league. The album went on to sell 1.5 million copies in America. After the album’s release, Palmer was free to pursue other projects.

The Power Station was also a success for Palmer. Although the band only performed two songs together on the album, the band split up and Palmer performed a solo performance of “Rusty” on Saturday Night Live. The song was a success and reached number two on the Billboard Hot 100.

After the debut album, Palmer was able to move to London and joined the large fusion outfit Dada. Later, he joined forces with fellow guitarist Elkie Brooks and Pete Gage and formed Vinegar Joe. The band released three albums during the early seventies and was later split up. In the 1980s, Palmer made a charity concert with New Orleans funk band The Meters, as well as recording a solo album.

“Power Station” was the name of a recording studio owned by Tony Bongiovi, Jon Bon Jovi’s uncle. The Durans’ record company, Capitol-EMI, signed Palmer to the band. The Durans’ other members of the band formed a side project called Arcadia. The Power Station single was released through the power of radio and became a hit. The band also played some live shows including the Live Aid benefit concert.

“Power Station Some Like It Hot” by Robert Palmer was a hit for the band. The song had become a worldwide hit and a highlight of the 1986 world tour. The song was one of the band’s best known songs and one of the most popular rock hits of the decade.

The Power Station’s “Some Like It Hot”

The music video for The Power Station’s “Some Like It Hot” features a series of stunning visuals. The video begins with an animated sequence of an abstract dancing woman. The band then begins playing on a blue set adorned with cacti. While the music is playing, clips of women getting ready play in the background.

The Power Station reunited in 1997 and performed the track live in their 1997 world tour. This performance is available on bootleg. Robert Palmer played this song live in a 1997 concert starring the reunited Power Station. During the Strange Behaviour Tour, the band performed the song in what became known as the “Maximum Big Surprise” on bootlegs.