The Jackery 500 – Pros and Cons

jackery 500 power station

The Jackery 500 is a handy device that can provide you with a steady supply of power whenever you need it. This versatile device can recharge by plugging into a 12V outlet or a wall socket. Recharging takes 7.5 hours. It can also be used for multiple purposes including phone charging, laptop charging, and so on. If you are wondering if the Jackery 500 is the right device for your needs, read on to discover the pros and cons of this portable power station.

Limitations of the Jackery 500 power station

While the Jackery 500 portable power station can charge numerous electronic devices, it has certain limitations. It cannot power a conventional 120V device, such as an electric kettle, and most electric appliances require a higher voltage to operate. The Jackery isn’t the right solution for such heavy appliances, so users may have to consider customizing an electrical system for the Jackery. However, it can still power a small cooler-type fridge.

While it has a surge rating of 1000W, the Jackery 500 is only capable of charging devices that use less than 500W. Otherwise, it will shut down after a few seconds. It can charge seven devices at once. It features 3 USB ports, 1 car charger, and two AC and DC ports. While this may not be enough for some users, the Jackery 500 has several additional benefits that make it a great buy for travelers.

While the Jackery 500 can provide backup power for a camping trip, the downside of this device is that it can’t run larger appliances. As such, it’s best used for smaller devices. Its compact size makes it easy to carry, and it is also eco-friendly. However, it’s not ideal for full-time travelers. And it won’t charge large electronic appliances, such as a television.

In terms of portability, the Jackery 500 power station is relatively lightweight and portable. Although it lacks USB-C ports, it does have a convenient wall charger. While it’s a good number of ports, it’s important to note that the Jackery Explorer 500 doesn’t have a second AC outlet. USB-C ports are becoming more popular and will allow users to charge high-wattage devices without an AC cable. There are many USB-C car chargers out there that offer this capability.

In addition to being compact, the Jackery 500 isn’t the perfect solution for full-time vanlife. It can’t daisy-chain with other Jackery systems or external batteries. Its 24ah battery will run out after a day and a half without any recharge. It is also not ideal for longer trips or the campsite lifestyle. However, it will work fine for charging several small electrical devices.

Charging methods

Charge your Jackery 500 power station using a 12V car socket or a standard mains plug. This unit also features an integrated BMS to safeguard the lithium battery. The LCD display lets you see how much power is going in and out of the power station. The charger can also be used to charge other portable electronic devices. The Jackery 500 power station is suitable for off-grid applications and has three USB outlets.

Charging times for the Jackery 500 power station vary depending on the type and size of your appliance. If you’re planning to use it for your laptop, you’ll find that it takes seven to nine hours for a full charge. The charging time will depend on the size of the solar panels, temperature, and the amount of direct sunlight available. The user guide says that a 100-watt solar panel will recharge the Jackery 500 power station in nine hours under ideal conditions. In addition to solar power, the Jackery 500 is also compatible with an electric generator, which will run it for about 7.5 hours.

Solar panels are another way to charge the Jackery battery. The unit has a barrel connection that will work with most solar panels. The Jackery SolarSaga 60W panel works best with the 100W panel, but you should consider a larger one if you’re planning on using solar power for your power station. The Jackery 500 battery is rated for 500 cycles, so you should only use it if you plan on spending a lot of time outdoors.

The Jackery 500 power station has an incredible capacity of 500W, which is equivalent to a whole lot of power. It can charge multiple devices at the same time, and its 500Wh capacity will give you virtually unlimited power for your gadgets. The Power Station has a cooling fan, which automatically turns on when the load is constant. Although the fan does operate at a relatively low volume, it is still quite effective at cooling. If you have a lot of devices to charge, you should buy a power station that has multiple outlets.

Battery size

When it comes to battery sizes, the Jackery 500 power station has a large capacity and a small profile. Its battery size is a big consideration because it will determine how long the power station can operate when fully charged. If you are going on a hiking or camping trip, the Jackery 500 power station should be sufficient. However, if you are on a longer trip, you might want to purchase a smaller battery size.

While it is possible to charge the Jackery 500 with a 12V car charger, this is the slowest method of charging. For the fastest charging speed, you should use a wall outlet in your home. Charging the battery will take about 10 hours. Once fully charged, the Jackery will hold 1002Wh of power. However, this battery size is only sufficient for a day or two-night trip. It will not be sufficient for a van lifestyle.

For the best battery life, you should use a power station with multiple USB ports. The Jackery Explorer 500 will keep your gear charged. In addition to the Jackery 500, you can also use the Jackery Explorer 500 as a backup power source at home or a portable power station for off-grid travel. However, the Jackery 500 doesn’t provide USB-C ports. USB-C ports are becoming more popular, as it allows charging devices with high-wattage without using an AC cable. You can purchase a car charger that has eight or nine USB-C ports.

Whether or not the Jackery 500 power station uses solar power is a question of choice, but the main consideration is battery size. Luckily, this power station uses an industry-standard barrel connection and works with a wide range of solar panels. However, a 60W panel is too small for a battery of this size. A 100W panel is a better choice. There is also an option to connect an additional solar panel to recharge the Jackery 500 power station.

The Jackery 500 power station has more than 500W of capacity. It has multiple outlets, including one for power tools. Despite its limited power capacity, it is a powerful tool that can be used to charge up to seven different devices at once. The Jackery 500 has three USB ports, a car charger, two DC ports, and one AC port. But it is limited to powering devices under 500W. However, a 500W device might be sufficient for a household refrigerator. The Jackery 500 is not able to power an average microwave, so it is recommended for smaller appliances and for long-term usage.


Whether your solar panel has a VOC rating of 12 to 30 volts is not as important as the actual output voltage of your power station. While the input voltage of your solar panel is important, you should also ensure that the panel’s voltage is within this range. Similarly, if your solar panel is more powerful than 100 watts, a Jackery Explorer power station will not work.

To determine the compatibility of your power station, make sure to read our detailed Jackery Explorer 500 review. This will give you information on whether this portable power station will charge both AC and DC currents. Listed below are the specifications of each plug. You can purchase additional plugs for this power station. It will also allow you to charge a variety of accessories with the same power source. The Jackery 500 power station also supports charging a USB-C device.

The Jackery Explorer 500 features three 12V outlets that work in parallel. Each outlet can output up to 10 amps. These outlets can power 12V devices such as flashlights and other small appliances. Additionally, the Jackery Explorer 500 comes with a padded liner to prevent dust and moisture from damaging the unit. The carrying case has multiple pockets for chargers and cables. You can also plug in a portable fan, if you need to stay cool in a tent.

For charging, the Jackery Explorer 500 is compatible with most electronic devices and can work with a PlayStation 4/5, a Dyson fan, a Netgear router, and a television. However, it lacks a second AC outlet. However, USB-C ports are growing in popularity and will allow charging of high-wattage devices with minimal interference. You can also purchase a USB-C car charger that supports up to 18-30 watts.

The Jackery E500 is designed as an emergency battery charger that can stay in a closet until you need it. The ports will automatically disable after 12 hours, preventing them from wasting the power. The battery is rated at 518Wh, but the actual power required by a particular device depends on the power usage. It takes about an hour for the Jackery 500 UK to fully charge. However, you should remember that the battery does need to be fully charged for it to be useful.

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