The Honda EU3000i Handi Porta Battery Runs On A 600 watt Portable Generator

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The Honda EU3000i Handi Porta Battery Runs On A 600 watt Portable Generator

So you want to buy a Honda EU3000i Handi? Here you will find some great information. The EU3000i is an excellent laptop for anyone who wants the mobility of a desktop computer in a small, light weight package. Even better, the handheld unit can be used as a portable gaming platform.

How does an inverter work with a laptop? In fact, it is simple. It takes the laptop battery and feeds it into a small 12 volt DC power source. The power from this source is routed to the laptop’s battery and, depending on the settings, power is supplied to whatever you want it to power.

When the laptop is plugged into a normal wall outlet, the power from the inverter is routed into your laptop. The battery will remain charged and maintain a full charge while the laptop is being used. In short, the handi will charge the battery and at the same time will allow you to use your laptop as long as possible. This is a very valuable function that you simply cannot get with other laptops.

So where do you plug the handi into? There are only two places you will need to look. You will need a regular wall outlet. There is also a USB port on the back of the unit. Both of these spots can be used with most laptop computers. Some older models may require you to use the USB port.

Can the handi operate as a portable personal computer? Yes, they can. The inverter circuitry will convert the DC power into AC power that can be used directly by the laptop. In addition, the system is equipped with many USB ports that allow you to use several devices at once.

Is the handi laptop battery powered via the AC or via the USB? Both! The inverter is powered via the AC adapter located in the rear of the laptop. Note that if your laptop utilizes AC adapter, you will need an original outlet installed. The USB port is only used to power the handi.

How long does it take for the unit to charge? It normally takes about 3 hours on a full charge. Once the unit has charge up completely, it will remain on until you shut it off. How long will it last? Most units typically last about ten hours. A modern Toshiba laptop generally lasts around eight hours.

I have seen a few people complaining that the inverter will not charge the laptop. I have also heard of others saying that theirs would not charge even with continuous use. This unit is definitely a great buy. If you are looking for a very portable and power-efficient device to power your laptop, then the Honda EU3000i and 1600 watt portable inverter is worth looking into.

This unit should last longer than most. The thing about laptops is that they become old quickly. The battery eventually dies out. In some cases the battery may even go flat. What I want to point out here is that a laptop can be used on the charger, meaning that it can last a lot longer.

Many of the laptops available today come with detachable and replaceable batteries. If the battery dies out or the computer stops working after a period of time, what do you do? You have no other choice but to go out and buy a new laptop. With the Honda EU3000i handi, you will not have to worry about this. You can simply connect the handi to the laptop via a USB cable and it will continue to power up without any problems.

You can use the laptop while it is connected to the handi. Of course there will be times when the laptop needs to be unplugged and connected to the inverter. That does not have to be difficult either. Many people are using devices such as the iPad or iPhone to charge their laptop and the inverter is connected through a USB cable so you won’t have to deal with a wall outlet at all. You can easily plug in and plug out the unit. It is definitely a plus for me when I travel since I don’t need to carry a lot of equipment with me.

One of the nicest features about the unit is that it provides us with power both during daylight and darkness. During the daytime the inverter will produce enough energy to charge our laptop as well as many other electronic devices including cell phones, PDAs, music players, cameras and video games. At night time, the unit will turn itself off. You should never leave the unit on continuously because the battery will eventually run down. The Honda EU3000i handi portable generator is very sturdy and durable.

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