The Craftsman 3000 W Portable Inverter Generator

What is the difference between the Craftsman 3000 watt portable generator and other brands? Can it really provide you with the power you need? Are these generators as good as what you are used to? What can it do for you? The answers to all of these questions may surprise you.

craftsman 3000 watt portable inverter generator

The way a Craftsman generator sets apart itself from the competition is in the number of things that it can be used for. It can be used to power a variety of different devices and tools. For example, some people may need access to a drill or a saw; others may want to use their vehicle’s power to run a small air conditioning unit. And of course, they can use their generator to run their home office equipment. It is possible to have multiple devices powered by one generator.

The way a Craftsman works is very simple and effective. It uses Direct Current (DC) for its power. While this is the standard in most generators these days, it still has the ability to be customized to the user’s needs. This is done by purchasing additional adaptors and connectors that will work with your local utilities.

How much power does the generator consume? As far as power usage goes, this one tops all others in efficiency. They are designed to run without wasting any energy. This is possible because they use no fuel at all. They are silent when running and draw very little current when running. What this means is that you will have more room in your home and in your budget for other necessary appliances.

Are you limited by size? No, because a Craftsman generator is so portable, you can place it just about anywhere. So even if you want to bring it along on a camping trip, a pool trip, a trip to the beach, or a picnic, you can and because there is no need for an extension cord, it can go anywhere you want it to.

Does it require a special connection for it to function? This generator is so small that it uses a standard 120v outlet. A regular household outlet will also work. All you need is some wire to help you hook it up to your existing utility.

Is there a warranty on it? A Craftsman generator comes with a 5 year warranty. If anything should go wrong with it, you can get it repaired or replaced without any additional cost to you. They will also fix the problem for you free of charge.

Is there a limit on the number of appliances that can be powered using this portable generator? This generator is for single purposes only, so you can not use it for more than one thing at once. You can, however, use it in conjunction with different items so that you can power them all at the same time. For example, you can have all of your appliances connected to your Craftsman generator so that you do not need to use a battery backup. In fact, you will probably find that you can run your entire home off of this single portable unit.

What if I lose electricity during a storm or while doing something outside? Most people are used to power the appliances they use every day such as their computer, refrigerator and coffee maker. The power that these items use is what makes it possible for you to run all of your other electronics as well. This generator will not do a good job keeping your home safe if it does not have access to electricity.

Does it have a back up battery for when I forget to plug it in? The best generators have a built in backup battery that you can use in case the power goes out. Most of the time you will not have access to your generator during a storm or if you are doing something risky like having a party at your house. It will come into play when you need to use it but it does not do anything when it just sits around. This unit does not require any extra power sources and is very simple to use. Many people will actually leave their generator on its own when they are done with it so that they can be free from the worry about it.

Is there a warranty on this unit? A lot of generators will have a limited lifetime warranty that will cover everything for just the parts that have been damaged. Others have a one year warranty that will cover everything but not necessarily the entire thing. If you are a smart shopper and are looking for a reliable solution then make sure that you check the unit out thoroughly before purchasing it.

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