The Bluetti AC50 Portable Charger

bluetti ac50

A portable charger is essential when you’re camping or traveling. There are many reasons to bring a portable charger, but there are some that stand out above the rest. The AC50 is an inexpensive option that is light, silent, and portable. This AC50 can power most small appliances, but it’s not big enough to power large appliances such as a CPAP machine. It can, however, power a laptop or an inflatable bed.

The AC50’s 45,000mAh battery means you can charge your iPhone up to 36 times, charge your MacBook up to five times, and recharge your GoPro camera 80 times. This portable battery also comes with a 500 watt-hour capacity – five times more than what TSA allows for. This makes it a great travel companion. It also works well with many types of electronic devices and is ideal for long road trips.

The AC50 is a 500Wh portable power station that can be used indoors or outdoors. It features different connectors and is perfect for powering small household appliances and Drones. It also has an auto-level battery cell, which enables it to charge faster and more efficiently than an ordinary battery core. You can use it for camping, emergency preparedness, and other situations that would cause power failure. In a pinch, you can also use the AC50 to power a Mini Projector or a Mini Car Fridge.

The AC50 has two round-pin DC outputs, as well as a 12V marine socket. This is perfect for powering a portable vacuum or a portable cooler, and it can also be used for other items such as drone chargers. This charger comes with an integrated wattage meter to help you monitor the wattage you’re using. In addition to these features, the AC50 is equipped with a two-minute power limit.

The AC50 has a battery life of 6.5 hours. If you have an external battery, you can charge it with a wall charger, or use a car charger. This charger will charge the AC50 to 100% in about 6.5 hours. The AC50’s display displays input, DC, and AC wattage, as well as battery level in 20 percent increments. The screen is backlit and illuminates when the power button is pressed. It also features a folding handle and a wireless charging pad (10W) on top of the box.

The AC50S charger has a dual-color LCD display. It indicates the battery percentage as five separate segments labeled in twenty-percent increments. It also displays the total wattage coming in and going out. It has the capacity to handle maximum 300W of charging. It also comes with a bewildering number of sockets. A USB C PD 45W port is included. This charger’s screen displays battery level in bars, but not an exact reading.

The AC50 uses lithium-ion battery cells and a Bluetti battery management system to ensure maximum performance. Its auto-level 3C lithium-ion cell has an increased discharge rate and lower heat. It can be recharged with a DC12V car lighter or a DC24V car adapter. The AC50 will recharge fully in about 5.5 hours. There are 11 outputs, including a LED lantern.

Although it has two AC outlets, the AC50 isn’t big enough for powering large appliances. It can only handle 300W continuous and 450W peak draw, so you shouldn’t power large appliances with it. Those things may be out of reach, but it’s still possible to make your life easier with a Bluetti AC50. It comes with an AC adapter, car charger, and carrying bag.

The AC50S is an excellent option for smaller van conversions. It can supply 12V and 230V power, so it’s an excellent backup power source, and its foldable handles make it easy to transport. If you want to make your van more mobile, you can add a portable solar panel and still use the AC50 as a backup power source. It’s a great choice for those who travel often or want to travel light but still need to stay powered.

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