Stanley FatMax 1000 Peak Amp Power Station Reviews

stanley fatmax 1000 peak amp power station reviews

The Stanley FatMax 1000 Peak Amp Power Station is an impressive portable power source that lets you charge two devices at once. Even in case of a power failure, it will keep your essential electronics running. This product is also portable, with a bright LED area light and USB port for charging cell phones. It also features a 12V DC power outlet. If you want to learn more about the product, read on to find out more about its capabilities.

Aside from the jump start and battery charging capability, the Fatmax 1000 Peak Amp Jump Starter comes with a built-in flashlight, an air compressor, and four USB and 12V sockets. Another notable feature is the ability to check the alternator’s charge. The unit is slightly heavier than most jump starters, but it suits larger SUVs and trucks well. It is also very portable and easy to store.

With 1,000 peak amps, the FatMax can jump-start your car or prolong its battery life for 10 hours. This product comes with four USB charging ports that allow you to charge several devices at once. This feature is a great convenience when working on a job site. It also comes with a three-bulb ultra-bright LED light. This means you can charge multiple devices at once, so you’ll never be without light when you need it.

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