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The Rockman 200W Portable Power Station is an affordable device to provide your home with clean energy and save you money on your electric bills. The device is based on the concept of the Ecofuego wall outlet that was developed by the company Ecofuego. This concept was created by the company to provide the idea for an off grid application that does not rely on traditional power sources. The company has taken a step forward in providing the concept for an eco friendly power station that utilizes the suns free energy to power itself.

rockman 200w portable power station

The Rockman 200W Portable Power Station is an ideal device if you wish to use a green and eco friendly device to power all of your electronic devices. The Rockman has two different options for powering these electronic devices, which are the built in transformer and the optional ef ecoflow port. The optional ef ecoflow port allows you to plug in the Rockman wherever you have access to a grounded electrical outlet, this can be in the house, in the car or even at a friend’s house. The ef ecoflow portable power station consists of a single six foot cord that plugs into a wall outlet. If you intend to use the device for extended periods, it is wise to purchase an extended battery pack that will allow you to use the unit for longer.

The two main features of this wonderful device are the built in transformer and the optional ef ecoflow port. The transformer allows you to power up all of your electronic devices directly from the solar panels that are located on the roof of the unit. The solar panels that are featured on this amazing device have a capacity of consuming eighteen thousand hours of energy which makes them one of the most efficient on the market. This translates to twelve hundred hours of energy per year which is a huge amount for any typical home.

The optional ef ecoflow port enables you to connect to the solar panels which are located on the roof of the Rockman 200W portable power stations. Once connected to the solar panels, the device will allow you to connect to the electric meter which normally feeds into your electric company. Although the amazon associates state that this device has a maximum output of eighty watts output, I was able to receive a hundred seventy eight watts output after installing only one solar panel. This means that you will only need one efi source to power all of your gadgets and appliances.

The amazon associates state that this power station solar panel can be used for anything that uses sixty watts of power. This means that you can plug in your mp3 player, television, computer and anything else that uses a maximum of sixty watts of electricity. I was rather surprised that the amazon gave me a reading of only sixty watts when I purchased the unit directly from the amazon website.

The Rockman 200W portable power station solar panel is compatible with any kind of plug in device. However, you should always remember that these kind of devices will use more energy if you use AC adapter than it will use if you use DC adapter. In order to use the device at its maximum capacity, you should always make sure that you have an AC adapter and an outlet for the AC adapter. These two items will ensure that you never run out of power or have the device malfunction.

The amazon website does not provide any information on how long it will take for the solar panel to charge. I was able to see that the total time that the solar panel and the battery had been on and off was eleven hours. However, I did not realize that the actual time that it took to charge the battery was only four hours. Therefore, if you are looking for the fastest possible charging time then you should look towards this brand of power generator. Another thing I noticed about the Rockman 200W Portable Power Station is that I did not need to connect any cords to it.

If you want to use a device such as the Rockman 200W Portable Power Station then you should always make sure that you follow all the required instructions. Failure to do so could result in damage to your device and may lead to malfunctioning of the device. However, I think that the product does have great value for money. The cost of purchase was considerably less than what I had anticipated, and the product exceeded all my expectations.