Prymax Portable Power Station 300W Solar Generator Review

prymax portable power station 300w solar generator 2019 updated 298wh

The Prymax portable power station is a 300Wh solar generator that is lightweight, compact, and comes with everything you need to use it anywhere. The station weighs only 6.5 pounds and measures 23x19x14cm. This unit also includes an SOS flashlight, user manual, and service card. It has a two-year warranty. The unit is also gas-free.

The large capacity of the Prymax portable power bank is impressive. With 298Wh capacity, it can charge your phone up to 40 times or your laptop seven to eight times. The unit can also power a 32-inch TV or a mini-fridge for about 5 hours. The unit also has a peak surge power of 600W. Moreover, it has numerous ports, including a USB type C quick-charge port, a DC input port, and a cigarette lighter port.

This solar generator has three USB ports and a DC port for powering all your devices when you are away from the power source. Its 42,000 mAh battery capacity is more than enough to power multiple devices when you are traveling, or even in a secluded location without access to electricity. The power supply unit can be charged via a wall adapter or a car adapter. The wall adapter takes approximately seven hours to fully recharge the unit. The car adapter can fully charge the unit in about eight to nine hours.

The Prymax portable power station 300w solar generator can be used indoors or outdoors. This portable solar generator is designed to be portable and has multiple ports. It comes with an LED flashlight and can charge devices without having to rely on grid power or solar panels. It can also power your laptop when the sun’s direction changes. You won’t have to worry about running out of power because the PPS charge controller ensures that you get the maximum solar energy.

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