Portable Generators – What Are the Benefits?

honda eu2200i portable inverter generator

Portable Generators – What Are the Benefits?

Europeanium’s Honda EUuture inverter generator is designed to make your camping or garage power needs easy and simple. It takes the guesswork out of providing electrical power for your vehicle’s accessories such as the HID kit, portable fans, cigarette lighter, flashlight, or even your laptop computer. When there are minimal electrical cords to deal with or no cords at all, finding an electrical outlet can be difficult.

Europeanium’s Honda EU2200i portable generator not only has more power that you need for your RV needs, but it has more than you will ever need. This generator offers up to ten percent more power than the last EU2000 model – enabling you to run more of the things that you want, in a smaller, lighter, more compact package. Whether it is an extra refrigerator in your cabin, a large flat screen TV on your construction site, or a backup generator for your motor home, the EU2200i Companion provides you with the needed power to accomplish more of the tasks while you travel. The EU2200i Companion comes with one twenty-A receptacle and one twenty-B receptacle for use with various other appliances.

There are many reasons to choose a Honda EU2200i portable inverter generator over some of the other brands on the market. Most portable generators have an EPA rating for energy efficiency. In Europe, Honda has set up its own EUuture inverter to meet the Energy Star standards for residential households and small businesses. This means that the EU2200i has double the amount of watts to run any other generator on the market.

Another significant factor in choosing a Honda unit is the company’s three-year warranty for most units. The EU2200i is backed by a five-year warranty for its hi-tech, high powered generator. When compared to some of the other generators on the market that only offer a one or two year warranty, this three-year warranty makes the EU2200i one of the most dependable choices.

One of the features that sets the Honda EU2200i apart from other similar generators is its eco-throttle. If you want to be able to operate the generator at maximum capacity, without having to worry about running out of fuel, you can activate the eco-throttle. When the eco-throttle is on, the unit will automatically start up and run at full capacity. However, you must still have an electrical outlet available in order to turn on the auto-throttle when needed. This feature will save you money on your electric bill each month.

Another great feature of the Honda EU2200i is its ability to monitor the pressure levels in your home’s oil tank. Most fuel cell units cannot gauge the oil level unless you manually do so, and sometimes they can get a little too picky. If you forget to check your oil, you could very well end up with a faulty engine. Thankfully, this generator has a built-in pressure gauge that will give you an accurate indication of the levels in your oil. No more guessing, you will know if you have enough fuel before you start your car!

A quiet operation is one of the biggest benefits of choosing the Honda EU2200i portable generator. It operates at full output without being heard above all other noises. You won’t hear any buzzing, popping, or whining. This generator is especially good if you need to run a hot water heater or heat a pool during the summer. It gets the job done while giving you great energy efficiency.

There are many benefits of choosing portable generators over gas units. Energy efficiency, quiet operation, and the ability to monitor your fuel level are just a few of them. If you want a portable unit that can power up a variety of appliances, then you should definitely consider the Honda EU2200i. For a great price and high reliability, you cannot go wrong with this particular generator.

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