Pecron S1500 Price and Features Revealed

Among the most compact portable power stations on the market, the Pecron S1500 boasts a 1,416Wh lithium-ion battery. Its 1500-watt power provides ample juice for most devices. And with the help of a super-fast charging technology, the S1500 can deliver 441W of juice within four hours. That’s enough juice for a Tesla, as well as the essentials in your home.

pecron s1500 price

This portable power station offers numerous benefits. For starters, it is maintenance-free and quiet in operation. It also comes with a USB port that is ideal for plugging in a device. It can power your essential appliances, including your car, and can also run your heavy-duty tools off-grid. Its price is very affordable and the first production units are expected to be ready for shipping in June 2021.

The S1500 power station has eight different ports, making it ideal for a range of different power needs. There are three ways to recharge the S1500, including using household outlets (grid power), solar panels, and 12V DC car outlets. The S1500 can be fully recharged by a standard wall outlet in four hours. You can also choose between three voltage settings: standard, ultra-efficient, or high-efficiency.

The Pecron S1500 is an innovative project with multiple uses. The price range is $369 in the early bird phase, and PS498 for the S1500 with worldwide shipping scheduled for June 2021. The promotional video for this device is available below. Check it out on Indiegogo to see if you’d like to get one of these portable power stations. The Indiegogo campaign for the Pecron S1500 is live and you can join the campaign to back the project.

The Pecron S1500 portable power station has eight ports and has multiple charging options. Using household outlets is the most convenient way to charge the S1500. The S1500 can be fully charged within four hours. A standard wall outlet can also be used to charge the S1500. The S1000 offers a range of advantages, including its modular design and battery-powered charging. For instance, it has a large capacity of more than one kWh. Its flexibility allows you to be completely off-grid, which allows you to use it wherever you need.

Besides being compact and lightweight, the Pecron S1500 is also equipped with eight different types of ports. It has four USB 3.0 ports for fast charging, a regular 12-volt DC port for regular power, and three 110V AC ports for connecting heavy devices. It has a capacity of 1461 Wh and a 1500-watt output, and is a perfect power station for a smartphone. With its LCD display, the Pecron S1500 is designed for users with multiple devices.

As of October 2017, the Pecron S1500 has launched on Indiegogo with pledges starting at $369. With a $1740 retail price, it will be the best value portable power station on the market. In addition to the S1500’s eight ports, it also comes with a real-time charge controller that manages the flow of electricity. Unlike a conventional gas generator, the S1500 is much more environmentally friendly than its counterpart.

The S1500 offers eight different ports for charging. It is compatible with a variety of devices. It can charge smartphones and other devices with its fast-charging USB 3.0 port. Additionally, the S1500 can charge 12V DC batteries. It can also power a Tesla and other heavy-duty tools off the grid. It is currently available on Indiegogo. The S1500 has a Kickstarter campaign, so you can get it for a great price and a great product.

The Pecron S1500 is a versatile portable power station that includes eight ports. It includes 4xUSB 3.0 ports for fast charging, a regular 12V DC port for charging, and threex110V AC ports for charging. With a capacity of 1461Wh and a 1500W output, the S1500 is ideal for travelers. It has multiple outlets for charging your gadgets. This is especially useful if you’re constantly on the go.

The Pecron S1500 power station is lightweight and portable, weighing only 25 lbs. It also has a wireless charging port for mobile phones. It has a 3018Wh battery and PD 100W. It is compatible with multiple electrical devices and is an excellent choice for camping. The price is a factor to consider when deciding whether to buy the S1500. You can read the user manual before you purchase it, but make sure you do your research.

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