Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 240 Review

WHO: Started in 2021 by Jonny Andrews, Jackery offers high quality portable green electricity solutions for hikers, boaters, campers, and RVers. Won the prestigious Red Dot award at the International Conference on Outdoor Power, the largest industry trade show in the world. And have been featured on numerous television programs including CNN, Fox News, and The Today Show. Now serving up live satellite TV programming across the Americas. And the company is currently looking to expand into other parts of the world like South America, Australia, and even Europe.

jackery portable power station explorer 240 review

WHAT: The handheld, one-hour power supply and portable generator that comes with the Jackery explorer 240 is a great help when it comes to hiking or traveling long distances. The fact that you can’t bring your own generator with you is just a minor irritant. The propane powered Jackery power supply is strong and built to last. It’s also lightweight which makes it easy to carry and keep in your RV or on your back if you’re hiking long distances. The portable generator that comes with the Jackery device is powerful enough to power an RV or even a small camp stove.

WHY: When it comes to any type of consumer product that is advertised as being “green” or “renewable”, it’s easy to look at the benefits and think that this is just another one of those marketing ploys. But this company isn’t going to say that the portable solar panel that they make is anything but clean and green. Instead, the company focuses on its many benefits and gives consumers plenty of reasons why this is the best option for them. In a Jackery explorer 240 review, we’ll take a look at some of these reasons why the power supply and portable solar panel is a must-have for both hikers and travelers.

The First: What’s so good about this portable power station? Aside from the fact that it’s easy to use and the fact that it can charge your battery or fuel your RV for a long time, this is actually a very good investment. For just over $150, you get more than enough power and energy to power all of your electronic devices while hiking and driving. The biggest advantage to this product is that it’s weather resistant. It will store its power in a deep cycle battery which means that it will be safe even if it’s raining or snowing, or even sunny.

The Second: If you have an RV, this is an excellent choice because it will give you more power and energy than you ever thought possible. This portable solar panel is smaller than a standard RV solar panel and still packs a powerful punch. If you have an RV that can go somewhere without having to recharge your batteries again, then this is definitely the type of power supply you should look at getting. The downside is that you need to be aware of the laws in your area when installing a solar panel.

The Third: For anyone who wants to save money on fuel, this is a perfect option. Not only does it save you money on fuel, but it also reduces your emissions as well. This portable power supply is actually smaller than a regular size solar panel. It’s great for those who are trying to reduce their carbon footprint and save money in the process. You can also run this system in conjunction with your normal RV generator to really take advantage of any free energy sources you may have. This is one of the best parts of the jackery explorer 240 review because you can actually sell your excess power back to the company.

The Fourth: Along with making sure you always have enough power, this system is designed to store power as well. So when the sun isn’t shining, you don’t have to worry about losing all of your power. This is very important if you live in an RV, has a camper or wants to do any traveling with your RV. So if there is a storm comes up and you have no way to start it, your power supply can store the energy and start it up when you have an available electrical socket. It is the perfect backup for anyone who travels by motor home.

The Fifth: Finally, this is my personal favorite part of this portable power supply. You can use this to charge your cell phone. Yes, you read that right. If you want to use your cell phone while you are away from home, you can just plug this in to use your home charging station. The good thing about having this power supply is that you can use it to charge any cell phone that you would like. This means no more worrying about running out of battery power!

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