How to Get the Most Out of Your Cat Professional Power Station

cat professional power station

The Cat Professional Power Station is a fantastically designed and built piece of equipment. Its performance is outstanding and it works exactly as advertised. However, it must be recharged every month. Luckily, there are a few tips you can follow to make sure you get the most out of this device. Here are some of them:

3 in 1 jump starter

Designed to start large V8-powered vehicles, the CAT professional power station 3 in 1 jump starter and power station features a 1000 peak-amp jump starter and integrated jumper cables. It also features a 120 PSI automatic tire compressor that can top off your tires at the touch of a button. In addition, the 200 watt inverter lets you recharge personal electronics and provide household power on the road.

The CAT professional power station 3 in 1 jump starter and power station is equipped with a 1000 peak-amp jump starter, allowing it to jump-start most 12-volt vehicles. It also features a 120-PSI automatic tire-top-air-compressor that can top off your car’s tires at the push of a button. The AC power station provides enough power for your tools and small personal electronics, including your cell phone or laptop. Other features include a 2A USB charging port and a 12V DC accessory charging outlet. Finally, the air compressor provides 120 PSI of pressure, which is sufficient for starting most cars and other vehicles.

CAT professional power station 3 in 1 jump starter comes with built-in warnings to prevent reverse polarity, so you can be sure that the device will work as intended. Reversing polarity will void the warranty and damage the unit. It is recommended that you use the CAT jump starter only if your car is equipped with a battery terminal.

Air compressor

The CAT CJ1000DXT Jump Starter and Power Station features an integrated 120 PSI automatic compressor. This machine can jump start large V8-powered vehicles with a push of a button. It also features a digital display and Autos top functionality. Whether you need a jump start or a boost for your tires, the CJ1000DXT is the perfect tool.

It has a powerful 1000 peak-amp jump starter that can jump-start most 120V vehicles, while its 2A USB port can charge mobile devices and laptops. Its 120 PSI air compressor is a convenient way to top off tires at a push of a button. It also has a heavy-duty brass tipped nozzle for use with sports equipment and tires.