How To Build Your Portable Solar Generator

A portable solar generator is a must have for those who are always on the go. When you live in a climate that sees freezing temperatures in the winter and soaring temperatures in the summer, it helps to know that there is still life in the sun. By building a portable solar generator you can power your home and keep warm during the winter months and enjoy comfortable temperatures during the summer months. Now, that would be a life saver! But, how do you build a portable solar generator?

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There are two parts to a solar generator. The first is the solar cell that absorbs the sun’s rays. The second is the ampoule which turns the sun’s rays into mechanical energy. The mechanical energy is then converted into electrical energy and used to power things such as lawnmowers, blowers, drills, and more. This all sounds very complicated but once you get a closer look you will realize that it really isn’t that difficult at all.

To build your own solar generator you will need some very simple parts. The parts you need including: solar cells, aluminum foils, an iron sheet, plywood, wood glue, drill bits, rubber gloves, an angle grinder, and pliers. You can purchase all of these parts at your local hardware store. As far as materials go, you will want to buy the cheapest that you can possibly afford. Once you have the parts you can start building.

The next thing you will need to build your generator is a photovoltaic panel. This panel will convert the sun’s rays into electricity. If you don’t know what a photovoltaic panel is don’t worry, it is quite easy to explain. In fact, you can find videos and detailed instructions right online for building one.

You will now need to connect the solar cells into a thick aluminum foil. This part is called a frame. Simply lay the aluminum foil on top of the wires and tie it down with some rubber bands. Now you simply need to connect the frame to the wires. Once the frame is connected then you are good to go.

The final part of your solar generator is the photovoltaic panel. This is the actual panel that is going to collect energy from the sun. To install your photovoltaic panel simply set up a water feeder. Next, connect the panels to the feeder. Finally, connect the solar generator to the panels. You will need to run wires back from the generator to the batteries.

I believe the hardest part of building this system is the planning. This is where you will need to make sure all the pieces you bought fit perfectly. After you have everything together, you will then need to install whatever necessary to make it run. This includes screws, nails, and rubber washers.

These are the basics of building a portable solar generator. As you can see it is not as hard as you might think. In fact you can do this all by yourself if you wanted. All you really need is a little motivation and some determination. Building your own solar generator will be one of the best things you have done for the environment!

Some of the parts that you will need for your solar generator are the following: two solar cells, some screws, a washer, and a nut. The first thing you will want to do is put your cells together. Lay the cells flat on the sheet of plexiglass. Use the screw and nail to attach them together. Just be sure that the cells are touching each other.

Next you will need to take your washer and put it into the top of the solar cell. Then attach the top of the cell to the screw and nail. Then you will need to make a little area in the middle of the cells for your wires. You will want to use a rubber washer to make sure your wire doesn’t slip through.

Lastly, the solar panel should be connected to the rear of your inverter. Use the screws and washers to connect it. Once completed, you should look at the solar panel and see if there are any leaks. If so, fix them now.

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