Honda EUlesiare Companion 2200 watt Portable Inverter Review

More power. Same legend in manufacturing. The all new Honda EU2200i offers 10 percent more wattage than the older EU2000i, allowing you to power more of the items you want, in the exact same compact, lightweight package. Whether it be an extra refrigerator in your garage or a bigger television at the tailgate, the EU2200i will provide you with the extra power to get much more done.

honda eu2200i companion 2200 watt portable inverter

What are some of the other benefits? For one thing, the Honda EU2200i is so easy to install and transport. In fact, you’ll never have to worry about having to lug a huge bulky piece of equipment around before you use it. Even the smallest portable appliance can be a pain in the butt when you don’t have to carry it up a ladder. You don’t have to be a mechanic to know how to use one of these!

And don’t forget about the cost savings. These appliances are much cheaper than their electricity-guzzling counterparts. You might pay a thousand bucks for a big, heavy, high-powered air conditioner, but in this case, you would be spending only a hundred! And with Honda’s EU2200i, you’ll be using just one of these super cheap little machines, instead of two.

How do they work? It’s simple. A small transformer takes the DC voltage from the wall outlet and changes it into AC voltage. Then, this AC voltage goes through a microchip within the unit, which converts it to an actual 120 volts. As a result, you get just enough power that your appliances need, without worrying about draining your bank account or running short of electric.

So, let’s say you’ve been up all night working on a big project, and now you need to plug in your laptop. What do you do? Yeah, you could rip off the charge cord from your laptop, but wouldn’t it be just as convenient (and, well, safer) to simply power the whole computer from one location? With this little nifty gadget, you’ll never have to! Just hook up one end of the plugged-in laptop to the wall, and the other end to the USB connector on your laptop. You’re set!

Can I run more than one appliance from this thing? Sure, there are separate units for your refrigerator and your toaster, for example. And they plug into separate outlets, so technically you could use this thing to power three portable appliances at once. That said, it isn’t like you could actually stack them on top of one another and just hang them from there. This portable unit isn’t going to allow you to reach the level of over three (or more) electronic appliances without some type of support.

Can I hook this up to my car cigarette lighter? Well, since this little unit plugs right into the wall (no cables needed), you could actually put it on top of your cigarette lighter. Now, while this will give you direct current, it won’t necessarily supply the full power necessary to power your laptop, your MP3 players, and your video game consoles. In other words, while you’ll be able to turn the laptop on and off, you won’t actually be able to crank up the wattage very much. If you want to reach the level of over three electronics, then you’ll have to invest in three different units.

Does this unit cost more than a hundred bucks? It should, as you’d expect, given that it’s portable and it doesn’t plug into your wall. When you compare it to the price of an entertainment center, though, you’ll find that the portable version is actually a steal. The price of the unit is so small that you’ll be able to buy three or four of them, depending on how many electronics you use. You can even get one for your car!

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