HONDA EU2200I Portable Inverter Generator Features

honda eu2200i portable inverter generator

HONDA EU2200I Portable Inverter Generator Features

One of Honda’s new generation portable generators is the EU2200i. This well-liked model is able to run a wide range of electronics, making it useful for camping, RV use, home use, or more. Reliable electricity is at your fingertips again with the new Honda EU2200i. The EU2200i runs at 53 to 62db, less than a regular generator, making it great for camping, RV power and just about any other outdoor activity that requires quiet running. The EU2200i is portable and powerful and has been designed so that it takes up as little space as possible.

The design goals of the new Honda EU2200i were to take into consideration not only safety and reliability, but also space. The size was kept small, so that the generators could fit easily in vehicles like RVs and campers. Safety features were not compromised in favor of space, since the goal zero generators do not pose a fire risk to people. The wiring and connections are also secure, since all wiring is pre-installed, saving Honda engineers countless hours of rework.

Low Oil Levels – One of the main reasons that traditional diesel generators fail during off-peak hours (high demand during peak hours when energy demand is the greatest) is because of high oil levels in the engine. When oil levels drop even lower than normal during this time, the generator stalls and shuts down. The result is a significant drop in overall power output. Honda designs their EU2200i generators so that they run optimally even under low oil levels, offering uninterrupted power output for longer periods of time. This is an important safety feature that can reduce the risk of injury and property damage in the event that a generator stalls while on the job.

Full Load Transfer – As with all Honda generators, the EU2200i also allows for full load transfer from one engine to another. This means that a full load transfer can occur when only half of the engine’s load has been expended. This saves time and money by avoiding a need to bring a full-load generator back to full condition after it has run for a few minutes.

Eco Throttle Feature – The ecot throttle feature allows you to adjust the throttle response of the generator depending on the load level being supplied by the batteries. If a full load is not available, the throttle will remain closed. If the load on the batteries is less than desired, then the throttle will open slightly allowing the generator to run at a higher rate. If the desired output level is reached, the two throttle feature will return to its previously stated level.

Fuel Efficiency – In order to conserve energy, Honda recommends using high quality Honda diesel fuel. The inverter generator does not require constant electrical power to run. The diesel fuel used will be recovered by the inverter generator when electrical power is required and the electrical power source is unavailable. This feature provides a consistent, reliable source of power for your home backup systems.

Noise and Vibration Free Operation – Another great feature of the Honda EU2200i portable generator is that it is completely silent when operating. No external noise or vibration is allowed to interfere with your ability to use the equipment. When coupled with compact size, the unit is extremely mobile. It can easily be moved from room to room without the need for special equipment or permits. The suction-side of the unit allows for easy maintenance and servicing of this portable equipment.

EU2200i portable generators are ideal solutions for industrial, commercial, and residential audiences. The compact size and quiet operation make them ideal for use in homes and businesses. The generator produces less vibration and noise and is ideal for running backup appliances. They are environmentally safe as well. You get a quiet, durable solution for your power needs.

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