Honda EU1000I Portable Inverters Generators

Europe’s leading mobile entertainment device the Honda EU1000I portable inverter generator has taken on a new look with the introduction of its eco-friendly version. The original Honda EU1000I was created with an air compressor, twelve volt battery, power inverter and a standard 110V outlet. With the release of the newer environmentally friendly version, the Honda EU1000I now comes with an ozone heater, two 120 volt outlets and is even quieter than before. This compact design, superior power and quiet performance have made the Honda EU1000I one of the most popular portable generators on the market today.

honda eu1000i portable inverter generator

While the original Honda EU1000I provided powerful enough power for lighting, cooling and charging cellular phones the new version provides mobile entertainment with five-channel output for audio, DVD and VCR devices. The original version of the Honda EU1000I used an air compressor, which tended to make loud noises when powering the unit and tended to generate dust in the vents. The new eco friendly version of the unit is silent while running and powerful enough for even the most demanding of mobile devices. The environmentally friendly version of the Honda eu1000i portable inverter generator has no compressor to make noise when powered by propane. The unit also uses clean steady power to run various electronic devices.

The newest version of the Honda eu1000i portable inverter generator provides clean steady power to charge cell phones and other mobile devices. With the addition of the ozone heater, the unit has become even more useful. The high speed inverter circuitry provides quick charge times to keep cell phones charged and ready for business. The eco-friendly unit has a long standby time, that will keep charging your devices until you are ready to use them again.

The power from the Honda EU1000I portable inverters are stable and consistent and provide many hours of continuous operation on the harshest of conditions. These generators are equipped with two redundant ground fault systems and one outlet with a maximum of thirteen outlets. This generator is powerful enough to power small personal appliances like portable computers, cell phones, pagers and fax machines. These generators are also strong enough to handle large power tools.

When it comes to power, the Honda EU1000I portable inverter generators are designed to operate eco friendly and provide you with powerful hours of operation. The generators have two speeds, six hundred cottages each, providing you with clean steady power. The super-quiet operation will not wake your neighbors or other people in the home. In fact, they can be used twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, even when there is no electricity. They are designed for use in areas where conventional generators are prohibited, but not regulated so using one here is safe and reliable.

The Honda EU1000I portable generators are portable and lightweight, making it easier to move around. The inverter gives you a steady power source that will not wear out or be depleted by overheating. The system is so quiet, that you may not even be aware that it is running. It provides clean, steady power to all your electronics, keeping you and your family warm and comfortable. The noise of the fan is so quiet, that you will not be able to detect it unless you are standing directly beneath the fan or are listening very closely. When you are done using the generator, it produces more than sixteen hundred watts of energy, enough to power an average home.

This generator is also quite energy efficient, using only two kilowatts of energy for every hour of operation. This translates to the saving of four liters of gas per hour. These facts make this generator the perfect solution for anyone looking to save on gas and electricity costs. This generator has received rave reviews from consumers due to its quiet operation even in the most demanding conditions. You can use it anywhere in your house without worry of it being noticed or damaged in any way.

This Honda EU1000I inverter generator is a very fuel efficient system because it runs off of three hundred ninety-minute fuel cells. This translates to forty-seven thousand hours of stable power to meet your power needs. It is so fuel efficient that it will save you money on gas, which is why it is so friendly on the environment as well. If you are looking for a dependable, cost effective solution for steady power, then this generator will meet all of your needs.

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