GOLABS Power Station

golabs power station

If you’re interested in buying a portable power station, you can’t go wrong with the GOLABS power station R500. Designed to be compact, it features LiFePO4 batteries and a 100W folding solar charger. It also includes an AC wall charger, a car charger cable, a solar charging adapter, and a user manual. In addition, the unit comes with a one-year warranty.

100W folding solar charger

This Portable & Foldable Solar Charger features a built-in rubber handle that makes it easy to transport. Its flexible design also includes three kickstands that help you set it up at the best angle. This product is simple to set up and take down and can be used indoors or outdoors.

This solar panel offers super-fast charging of USB-powered devices. Its USB-C port is capable of charging laptops, mobile phones, drone batteries, and wearable electronics. It features dual outputs that let you charge multiple USB devices at the same time. It is also compatible with the vast majority of portable power stations.

The GoLabs power station is available in two different colors: black and orange. It can charge itself from a carport, wall socket, or solar panel. Its solar panel comes with a 100W folding solar panel. Its high conversion rate makes it an ideal choice for travelers and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

Compact design

The GoLabs R300 portable power station has a compact design and a 500-watt surge capacity. It can be used to keep multiple electronics charged during a power outage. It uses LiFePO4 batteries, which offer excellent chemical and thermal stability. These batteries can withstand more than 2000 cycles and can last more than 10 years.

It features a standard AC outlet, three USB-C ports, and a 12-volt outlet. It also has a built-in flashlight and battery-management system. This power station can power up to nine devices. It also features a built-in handle and flashlight for easy carrying. It also comes with a convenient travel case.

LiFePO4 batteries

The Golabs power station uses lithium iron phosphate batteries, which have been shown to last five to six times longer than lithium ion batteries. Its 300Wh capacity is ideal for charging laptops and other devices up to five times. It can also safely power up large-screen projectors. It comes with a two-port USB QC3.0 charger and two 230V 300W AC outlets. It also features pass-through charging, which means you can charge multiple devices at once.

Energy-saving function

The Golabs R30 USB Power Station can charge most of your devices. Its energy-saving function allows you to charge your devices for up to 8 hours with a lower power output. This means that you won’t have to worry about running out of power when you’re on the go. If your device only needs 30 mAh or less power from the USB port, the power station will shut off automatically after three minutes.

The portable GOLABS R300 Portable Power Station offers a compact design that is 9 x 6.18 x 7.67 inches. Its battery has a capacity of 93437 mAh and can charge your smartphone or laptop up to 22 times. It also features two 110 volt AC outlets, two DC outlets, and two quick-charge USB ports.

In addition to being energy-efficient, the Aimtom power station features a standard AC outlet and three USB ports. Three 12-volt outlets are also included. The power station is also equipped with an integrated battery management system that protects from overvoltage, overcurrent, and high or low temperatures. This extends the life of the battery.

Rechargeable phone

The GOLABS power station rechargeable phone charger comes with a 300Wh capacity that can recharge a smartphone, camera, or laptop up to five times. It also supports projector charging. This versatile power station has an AC socket with two 230V 300W outlets, as well as two QC3.0 USB outputs. It has a 30-day money-back guarantee and one-year warranty.

Small radio

The Golabs power station is a versatile portable charger that offers an impressive 300Wh capacity. It can recharge a laptop up to five times and can safely power up a camera, smartphone, or projector. This unit also features an AC socket and two USB outputs with QC3.0 support. It also supports pass-through charging.