Flashfish All-In-One 300W Solar Generator

300w solar generator flashfish 60000mah portable power station

The Flashfish All-in-one 300W portable solar generator is a high-capacity unit that meets your power needs for all kinds of outdoor activities. It has three output ports, so you can charge all kinds of devices, including a TV, fan, or CPAP machine. It also features 2 * 12V DC Ports to power a car vacuum, plus 2* QC3.0 USB ports to charge your drones.

The 300W power produced by this unit is equivalent to 350W of peak power. Its battery capacity is 60000mAh and it’s made of durable metal. It’s also compatible with many of the top solar generators, such as Goal Zero, Suaoki, Paxcess, and Flashfish. The battery is rechargeable through a car socket or a wall outlet.

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