Finding the Best Portable Inverter Generator Reviews Online

best portable inverter generator reviews

Finding the Best Portable Inverter Generator Reviews Online

To find the best portable inverter generator reviews, it’s first necessary to understand just what portable generators can do and how they work. Simply put, the process consists of converting energy from one form to another. In this case, it’s converting electricity into gas, propane or diesel. Portable generators have been used for decades by utility companies, military and even private individuals for various purposes. Here, you can examine a few of the best portable inverter generator reviews from industry experts to decide which one might best suit your needs the best.

The first category of portable inverter generators that you’ll find on the Generator Guru site is an analysis of home use. The biggest advantage to these kinds of units is that they are much simpler than their larger cousins. For example, you won’t find a remote control that provides the same level of customization or ease of use as the better models. On the other hand, if you like to build your own RV, these are the way to go. Also, they’re great for RV owners who want to travel and enjoy their recreational vehicle without having to deal with too many headaches.

Second in the range of inverter generators is the point-to-point type, which is essentially the cheapest of the lot. They aren’t very energy efficient, but for some they make up for it in sheer portability. Plus, they don’t generate nearly as much noise as larger RV generators. These are good for RVs in campgrounds or other remote areas where noise is a concern. In general, though, they are not very energy efficient and so aren’t worth the money unless you need them for RV use only.

Third in the pack are sine wave inverter generators. These are often found in mobile homes and RV parks. Sine waves convert DC into AC, which is useful for both appliances and vehicles. You can buy units that can power a wide range of household electronics and even a small refrigerator. In terms of energy efficiency, the units are actually a bit more wasteful than the point-to-point options.

Finally, there are super efficient inverter generators for sale. This is the choice for people who are interested in achieving fuel efficiency while still getting power from the RV. Although they generate power, their fuel consumption is so low that it actually saves on emissions. For example, these devices run just as efficiently as the large floor standing options and consume less gas.

Obviously, not all of these generators are created equal. Some are more fuel efficient than others, while some use too much electricity while not producing enough watts to support many electronics. Therefore, it is important to look at each category critically. In order to find the perfect fit for your situation, be sure to evaluate your biggest requirements, such as number of appliances you want powered, the type of generator, and the potential for a power outage runtime.

For the most part, portable generators of any type are going to have one of three pros, which will generally be rated in order of importance. The first category, which features the highest ratings, are the best portable generator options on the market. These are the most efficient in terms of power output and fuel consumption and come with a long warranty and the best recoil start and combustion rates. The next two categories are moderately efficient, but the first few appliances you want to support may not be up to snuff with them.

In the third category, you will find the two primary categories, which feature between a six and twelve-hour run time, as well as varying voltages and speeds. It should go without saying that the higher wattage in this category will have the most power output, but that doesn’t mean that it has to be the most efficient. A lower wattage inverter generator will be capable of providing the same power output, but it will typically run cooler and produce less emissions. While the final category, which features the lowest wattage, is rated in terms of overall durability, you will find that most appliances in this category can withstand even the highest wattage rating.

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