EU1000i Portable Inverter Generator

honda eu1000i portable inverter generator

EU1000i Portable Inverter Generator

The Honda EU1000i is a reasonably priced portable electric generator. It has the ability to provide power for over two hundred and fifty thousand dollars worth of property. In most cases the units will last for ten or more years and are well worth the cost. In addition to being used for commercial or industrial applications, the portable units are also well suited for use in residential homes.

The Honda EU1000i is a very versatile unit and can be used in a number of applications. Portable generators are available with high or low wattage output. Some models have a combined output of up to eight hundred watts. Most portable generators are designed for use with one-pound propane fuel, but may be compatible with natural gas or diesel fuel as well.

Honda EU1000i portable generators are available with a variety of accessories. One of the most popular is the optional fuel source. With this option, the unit will accept a single twenty-eight pound gas cap or a single forty-pound gas tank. These accessories make it easier to connect to the power supply and operate the unit from any location.

The Honda EU1000i features variable voltage and high amp/low voltage capabilities. The high voltage capability allows the generator to operate at full capacity all day long even when the weather is hot. This feature eliminates the need for a backup source of power. Another benefit is the quiet operation of these generators. They run on a nine volt battery pack that supplies an automatic shut off system in the event that the unit is not being used. In addition to the automatic shut off system, many portable generators are equipped with a safety switch that cuts power to the compressor in the event of an emergency.

Honda EU1000i portable inverter generators can be purchased to match the specific needs of the individual. In addition to fuel efficient, these generators are also eco-friendly. A variety of options are available to help consumers save money and protect the environment. From energy efficient light bulbs to water efficient countertop filters, there are options to fit every budget and every need.

While Honda recommends the use of one-hour charge and a two-hour discharge for each tank, it is acceptable for two hours on the same day. Using two-hour rechargeable batteries for each battery bank doubles the amount of time that portable power is available. In the event of a power outage, just switch on the backup battery. Honda EU1000i inverter generators provide many advantages including long-lasting operation, eco-friendly operation, reliable performance, super quiet operation, affordable price tag and numerous accessories.

This is one of the smallest portable units on the market today. With an average seating space of fifteen to twenty feet, this generator can easily be moved from location to location. The Honda EU1000i features a convenient rechargeable power system allowing the user to optimize energy consumption. It operates on a three hundred watt motor that offers up to five hundred watts of capacity. This inverter technology allows the generator to be portable and save significant amounts of money on fuel.

Honda EU1000i portable inverter generator is an excellent choice for anyone that is concerned about energy costs. The Honda generator runs on three hundred watt motor that is capable of producing fifty thousand watts of power that will not only power your electronics, but will also offer plenty of quiet operation. The EPA reports that this system meets the criteria set forth by Department of Energy for power plants that use at least a thirty percent clean energy mix. The EPA even recommends that the EU1000i meets the highest standards of energy efficiency possible as well as contributing to a healthier planet by reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

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