EU1000I Portable Inverter Generator: Fuel Efficient, Safe and Sound

ACME Tools is an authorized Honda dealer. The HONDA 1000 watts Super Quiet inverter series generator is very useful for powering a variety of different small equipment and appliance, such as TVs, computers and even small power drills. The inverter generator boasts a powerful Honda GXH 50 engine which can provide power for more than eight.3 hours on a full load. During normal use, it generates only 53 to 59 decibels of noise, which is comparable to the sound level of an average conversation.

honda eu1000i portable inverter generator

Honda generators are known for their power and reliability. In fact, most people prefer them over many other brand name portable generators because they are so quiet. The HONDA generators also have several user options, which provide different levels of quiet operation. The HONDA EU1000i series has four options from which to choose. There are five stages or variable speed drive systems, one inverter output, manual start up, two-stage or three-stage operation and high voltage/high amperage/low voltage output options.

A variety of other benefits make the HONDA EU1000i inverter generator a stable power solution for Honda applications. It is easy to install and requires just minutes to put together. It also has a long expected life and offers the highest fuel efficiency rating available. It consumes just 10 cents per hour of electrical consumption when compared to the other portable generators in its class.

Most portable generators consume large amounts of gasoline and emit toxic emissions while running. These pollutants are also particulate matter and can harm the lungs if inhaled for extended periods of time. Honda’s new EU series inverter generators eliminate all of these pollutants while offering cleaner power through better design and superior engineering.

Honda’s new EU series inverter generators are designed with advanced combustion technologies that dramatically improve gas mileage. They also offer more precise ignition and throttle response. This allows for faster starting times, more precise starting and constant power on demand. As compared to traditional generators, the exhaust from EU portable units is completely silent. Honda has incorporated new technologies that contribute to clean air by reducing exhaust noise.

Honda’s latest EU series generators offer low noise levels and are designed to minimize the risk of fires. Most conventional generators have been susceptible to fire accidents. Even a small spark can start a fire, and that can quickly spread. In addition, the exhaust from EU portable units are vented outside of the vehicle for a more effective airflow, which helps to disperse the exhaust.

For a more fuel efficient EU portable generator, Honda has developed an engine optimizer called Flex Fuel. Flex Fuel optimizes the amount of gasoline used while simultaneously offering optimal power, quiet operation and low noise levels. It does this by changing the timing of the compression of the fuel gas. Once the compression is done in the most efficient manner possible, the system shuts off as needed and starts at a higher performance level so that you get the most power and the lowest fuel consumption.

For safe, clean operation of your EU series Honda generator, you need only one single set of batteries to power your generator. You do not need to open and close the doors of the truck like you would with two generators – no need to change or add fuel to the tanks. And no need to worry about starting and stopping the unit as the electrical systems and motor are enclosed in a thick aluminum body. This unique design enables you to have a well-built, efficient and portable power source that will last for years, not decades.

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