EU1000i Portable Inverter Generator Features

honda eu1000i portable inverter generator

EU1000i Portable Inverter Generator Features

Honda EU1000I portable inverter generator is a compact, efficient, reliable and eco-friendly alternative to commercial power. It runs silently and produces less vibration than conventional generators. The Honda EU1000I generator is a good buy because it can be used both as a portable power source and in your car. There are many advantages of the Honda EU1000I portable generator. It does not emit any noise, thus providing peace and quiet while you are using it. You will not have any trouble in maintaining it either.

Honda EU1000I lightweight inverter generator is very powerful. Honda has integrated its generators with the latest in eco-friendly technology to give you the best of all worlds: portability with reliability and energy efficiency. Honda EU1000I gives you 1000 watts of super Quiet power to run up to a number of different small electronic appliances, such as computers and many other sensitive electronics. This generator is able to run from just 4 hours of energy, depending greatly on the load placed on it.

For such a small unit, the Honda EU1000I portable generator is quite a powerful tool. You can keep it running and enjoy quiet operation for days at a time without worry. It gives you the option of topping off the tank as needed and it uses a high capacity battery that lasts quite a long time, giving you a lot of extra energy to keep you going. In fact, it consumes so little fuel that you can keep it running for as long as you want before needing recharging. Another great thing about the Honda EU1000I generator is that it runs very quiet. In fact, it is so quiet that people could not even detect it running.

Honda EU1000i is very powerful portable units and they have a long life expectancy when compared to traditional generators. Unlike traditional generators, the Honda EU1000i is designed for two people to use at one time. That’s good news for households with more than two people. Portable inverter generators are very handy tools, particularly if you travel a lot – particularly if your trips include camping and hiking. They provide you with enough power for a first aid kit, two portable radios and maybe some snacks for your guests.

In addition to providing you with extra power and long lasting durability, portable generators from Honda are also very energy efficient. They give you more than double the power you would need from a traditional inverter generator. You can charge your cell phone and keep a watchful eye on your children while out camping or hiking. The Honda EU1000i portable unit comes with a foldable stand that makes it easier to store. It also has two outlets – one for the cigarette lighter and one outlet for the battery.

Another benefit of this innovative inverter generator is its quiet operation. With a conventional unit, there is lots of noise caused by the fan and the shaft that connects to the engine. When using a Honda EU1000i, you will not hear any noise. This inverter generator runs quietly throughout the night and there is absolutely no vibration. This is another reason why it is such a popular choice.

Honda EU1000i is very fuel efficient, as well. Its engine is much quieter than the traditional generators, which means you can use it longer before having to recharge the unit. That in itself saves you quite a bit of money over time. Honda recommends an annual estimated usage of about thirteen thousand hours for the unit to be able to operate safely. That is about twenty-five percent less than the typical annual usage for other generators in the same size class. In addition, it has one of the lowest operating temperatures of all portable units, making it a great choice for cooling your home or office on a hot day.

The inverter generators Honda provides are very easy to install and use. They offer step by step installation instructions that include video instructions. All that you need is a power supply that plugs into one of the electrical outlets on the unit and you are ready to go. There is no need to have any type of electrical power or cable running from your home to the unit or to the back of the EU1000i. That makes it extremely convenient and practical for just about anyone to use.

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