Dewalt DCB1800B Power Inverter 1800 Watt

dewalt dcb1800b power inverter 1800 w

The DEWALT DCB1800B power inverter 1800 watt can provide the power necessary to run many different types of tools. Its battery-powered design runs on four 20V MAX or FLEXVOLT 20/60V batteries and produces modified sine wave energy that is compatible with most power tools. The device’s surge wattage ranges from 1,800 to 3,600W, making it more powerful than many other battery inverters on the market.

The DCB1800B is capable of running four 20V Max batteries simultaneously, which reduces downtime in a shop and increases worker efficiency. It also has an integrated temperature-controlled cooling fan to ensure safe charging and extend battery life. The large LED indicators help the user determine whether the inverter is ready to charge. This device is capable of charging FlexVolt batteries as well.

The DeWALT DCB1800B is a portable power station that can power up to four 20V MAX* batteries at once. It is capable of charging four FLEXVOLT batteries simultaneously and is compact. It weighs 18 lbs without the batteries. Unlike many other portable power stations, it does not produce fumes or carbon monoxide.

This portable power station is also equipped with a parallel battery charger for running most corded tools. The 1800 W capacity of this portable power station is sufficient to run most corded tools. It also offers 1800 Watts of continuous power and 3600 W of peak power. The 1800 W capacity allows you to power up most corded tools, including a hammer and drill.

Another great feature of the DCB1800B is the Power Station’s capability to run a pancake air compressor or a portable air compressor. This is an added bonus for the Dewalt lineup since it opens up the possibilities of other cordless power tools. But, the battery packs will drain faster when you use high powered tools. As a result, you should consider purchasing 4 dedicated batteries with your power station.

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