Champion 3500 watt Dual Fuel RV Ready Portable Inverter Tips

If you are looking for a new RV generator, it might be a good idea to consider the Champion 3500 watt dual fuel generator. This is actually one of the newest generators available and it has been designed specifically to work with the RV batteries. It will also work with any type of battery that will provide power to your RV. This means that you can use standard car batteries or if you are using an off the shelf battery, this generator can actually power them as well.

champion 3500 watt dual fuel rv ready portable inverter

Many RV owners are concerned with what kind of battery they are going to need. While there are a variety of different ones, the Champion RV battery has proven to be one of the most dependable. The reason why it works so well is because of its dual fuel system. In addition to power for the generator, the battery can actually power the generator while it is running so that you never have to worry about running out of gas. Here is what you need to know about this system.

One of the reasons why the Champion inverter is so reliable is because it uses what is called a constant voltage device. This means that it operates without having to switch over to an alternate source of power. In some cases, you can actually use the inverter as a secondary source of power. In other words, you can plug it into an existing outlet in your RV and it will continue to provide power for your other appliances and electronics.

The constant voltage device also allows the generator to shut down completely while it is sitting idle. You can use this feature on any size battery that you might be using. There are even some smaller batteries that the Champion can work with. If you are using a smaller one, you might want to consider keeping it in a separate location than where you normally store it so that you can use it when you need it and not risk losing it to overcharging. Of course, you can leave the battery in if you like, but there are also times when you will need to be able to plug the generator in right away.

Another feature that is unique to the Champion 3500 watt RV Ready Portable Inverter is that it does not use a series transformer. This means that you do not have to deal with dealing with an AC unit that is trying to power two different units at the same time. Instead, the unit uses a single inverter. There is actually more than one inverter in the converter box so you can take full advantage of it if you decide to buy one of these units.

Another feature that you will enjoy is that the power cord for the unit is short enough that you will not run into any problems when plugging it in. The power cord actually plugs directly into the vehicle’s cigarette lighter. Of course, the cigarette lighter may not be your only connection since you will also be using a charger on the inverter unit as well. You will still have a connection to the car, however, since the charger plugs into the cigarette lighter base.

One of the last things that you can do to improve your RV battery life is to clean out the vents. The vents on the Champion 3500 watt portable Inverter are actually clear so you do not see any dirt that is blocking the vents from working. The best way to clean them is to use some air duct tape and simply work it into tight areas where the dirt is likely to be blocking the vents. Leave the duct tape in place for a day and then remove it and allow the air to dry.

The final tip that we will give you for your Champion 3500 watt dual fuel RV ready inverter is to make sure that you take care of your battery. You do not want to leave your battery plugged in for more than two hours at a time because it will decrease the amount of battery life that you have. If you do not use the batteries for long, then you will also be decreasing the amount of power that you get from the generator that you use to run your air conditioner. It is important to know that the inverter box is not an expensive item and it will pay for itself over time when you see the energy savings that you get from the inverter. Also, you want to make sure that you keep up with the maintenance for your power inverter so that you can maximize its use.

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