Bluetti SP200 200W Solar Panel Review

bluetti sp200

If you’re looking for a 200 watt solar panel, you’ll be glad to know that the Bluetti SP200 is the perfect choice. This 200 watt solar panel has a capacity of 900 watt-hours per day and comes with a three meter MC4 cable for connection to your portable power station or charge controller. To make your life even easier, you can purchase the corresponding charger.

The Bluetti SP200 200W Solar Panel is constructed from durable ETFE material. The ETFE material increases the panel’s durability and scratch resistance. Its design allows you to mount the panels at a 45 degree angle to maximize their efficiency. Each panel is 220 square inches in size. It weighs around 6.5 kilograms. For a complete review of the SP200, visit the Bluetti website. Let us help you make a wise decision about your solar panel purchase.

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