Bluetti Portable Power Station AC200P 2000W Solar Generator

bluetti portable power station ac200p 2000w 2000wh solar

In late 2020, the Bluetti portable power station ac200P is scheduled to hit the market. This new unit from Bluetti is a portable solar generator that will be able to run high powered devices like an electric grill, window A/C unit, drill, kettles, coffee makers, and more. It is powered by a built-in LiFePo4 battery that is expected to last up to three thousand cycles.

This solar charger is a lightweight unit with a decent screen, and plenty of power output ports. It is also equipped with a convenient power button with an LED ring for easy operation. It feels well-made and should last for decades. Its ABS plastic exterior makes it durable. Although the AC200P is not an extremely lightweight unit, it will be able to power devices for several hours, which is perfect for camping or van life.

The AC200P can be recharged with two separate types of adapters: the Bluetti AC400P and the AC200P. The AC200P can be recharged with one of the two different types of adapters, with one taking two hours to charge the other. The AC200P is ideal for outdoor activities, as it is capable of running the majority of electronic equipment and appliances that you’d need to keep running.

Designed for large loads, the AC200P is a high-power solar power station for camping, RVing, and emergency use. The AC200P’s large capacity battery cell is LifePo4 2000Wh, which is a super long-life battery cell. It is capable of running most home appliances, including electric heaters, lights, and appliances, and can also be used as a generator.

The AC200P features an ECO Mode that prevents up to 50% of electricity from wasting. This feature helps conserve power and is perfect for occasional use or emergency back-up for power. The AC200P also comes with a number of outputs, allowing it to charge as many as 17 devices at the same time. It features 6 x 2000W AC Outlets, two 15W wireless charging ports, one cigarette lighter port, and a 12V/3A DC port for RV use.

The Bluetti AC200P 2000Wh portable power station is a reliable, versatile portable power source. Its large 2000Wh power capacity is a big plus, and many of its features are user-friendly, too. It has four USB-A ports and a 60W Power Delivery port, and it has two wireless charging pads so you can charge your phones wirelessly.