Bluetti NA300 Solar Generator

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The Bluetti NA300 is the first sodium-ion solar generator on the market. This new generation of solar generators features a 6,000-watt connection, a user-friendly IoT App Remote Control, and a first-generation sodium-ion battery that rivals LiFePO4 cells in terms of security and long-cycle life. The NA300 is expected to hit the market in the early years of 2022, which is not too far away.

The NA300 battery matches the performance of LiFePO4 battery cells, but with a lower price. It also offers 3,000-watt hours, while the EP500 Pro has a 5,000-watt capacity. While both have limitations, the new sodium technology gives the NA300 a number of advantages over lithium-ion batteries, including lower cost, quick-charging, and low-temperature performance.

The Bluetti NA300 is a low-priced portable generator. Like its big brother, the EP500 Pro, the NA300 uses sodium battery technology for its internal power source. It can recharge from 0 to 80 in half an hour, while the EP500 Pro provides 5,100Wh. The NA300 also supports two B480 battery modules, bringing its total capacity to 12600Wh. The Bluetti NA300 can charge a B480 battery module with two 100-amp-hour-long external batteries.

The NA300 can power your home for days, even weeks. You can also add solar panels to the unit to maximize its capacity. This solar generator is also compatible with a 6,000-watt connection from the house electrical system. It can be controlled by an IoT app, or remotely through the Fusion Box. In addition, it has a fully automatic temperature-control system. This makes it convenient to use in extreme weather conditions.

The Bluetti NA300 is the first sodium-ion solar generator on the market. The company’s EP500 Pro was the predecessor of the NA300, and they share a similar style and appearance. Like the EP500 Pro, the NA300 has four 20-amp input ports and one L14-30 output port. Powered by a 3,000-watt pure-sine wave inverter, it is far superior to its predecessor. The company plans to unveil its first portable solar generator, the NA300, at CES 2022 in Las Vegas.

The BLUETTI NA300 has the highest charging rate of any solar generator, charging from 0% to 80% in less than 30 minutes. The B480 sodium-ion battery packs deliver over 85% capacity retention and over 80% system integration efficiency in low-temperature conditions. These batteries make the BLUETTI NA300 a perfect option for winter backup power. They also come with a B480 battery pack, which means they can be compatible with other types of batteries.

The EB3A is another new portable generator from Bluetti. The EB3A is an all-in-one home power solution that uses a 600-watt wave inverter and 268 watt-hour lithium-ferrophosphate battery pack. It can support up to 200 watts of solar input. Charging the EB3A is easy with a single cable. The battery can be charged from 0% to 80 percent in 20 minutes.

Bluetti is also producing a new kind of battery: sodium-ion. While the company’s lithium-ion batteries have more energy density, they are more expensive and are subject to supply shortages. The company plans to introduce a sodium-ion battery in the fall of 2021. It’s not clear if Bluetti will use this new type of battery in its electric cars, but the company is doing its best to make the technology available to a wider audience.

The NA300 is a similar-looking portable solar power generator. It features four 20-amp plugs and one 30A L14-30 output. Its two B480 battery modules have a combined capacity of 12,600Wh. This model is also compatible with solar panels, and features a fusion box and IoT remote control to manage power distribution. But the biggest drawback of the NA300 is its battery capacity, which is lower than the EP500 Pro’s. It’s a limitation of current sodium-ion battery technology.

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