Bluetti NA300 Solar Generator

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The BLUETTI NA300 solar generator will run all your household devices, including your TV and refrigerator. Its sodium-ion battery ensures that it runs quietly and cleanly. The solar generator will also power all of your home appliances, such as your laptop, in times of emergency. Despite its high price, the BLUETTI NA300 will make a grand entrance at CES in 2022.

Bluetti, a North American company, is aiming to revolutionize the battery market to become less reliant on lithium, which has been in high demand. Sodium, which is abundant in nature, is 1000 times more abundant. The company plans to introduce the NA300 sodium-ion battery power station at CES 2022 in Las Vegas. Its official debut is scheduled for January 5 of 2022. To learn more about the NA300, visit the Bluetti website.

The BLUETTI NA300 is one of the fastest-charging solar generators on the market, and it can charge from zero to eighty percent in less than 30 minutes. The 6,000-watt dual charging system utilizes a first-generation sodium-ion battery that rivals lithium-ion batteries for security and long cycle life. With all of these features, the Bluetti NA300 is a great choice for anyone who wants a solar generator for winter backup power or in areas where temperatures drop below freezing.

The BLUETTI NA300 is a 3000W sodium-ion solar generator that offers a 3,000Wh battery and the EP500 Pro provides a maximum of five hundred-watt-hours of power. When coupled with the Bluetti B480 battery pack, the NA300 can support two B480 battery modules, which adds another four-hundred-watt-hours of battery power.

The BLUETTI NA300 is the first portable solar generator to use a sodium-ion battery. Learn more about the features of this portable solar generator and its release date. The BLUETTI NA300 has many similar features to the EP500 Pro, including four 20A plugs and one L14-30 output port. The BLUETTI NA300 also features a built-in three-kilowatt pure sine wave inverter.

The NA300 is a solar generator that is able to run for days at a time. It can also power a home during a disaster. The BLUETTI NA300 comes with two B480 battery modules with four-hundred-watt-hour capacities. You can connect the NA300 to another unit using the Fusion Box. In addition, it comes with an IoT app remote control, which is compatible with iOS and Android devices.

While the EP500 Pro is more expensive than the NA300, it has twice the battery capacity. The NA300 supports two B480 battery modules. When the battery modules are fully recharged, they have a combined capacity of 12,600Wh. With two external battery modules, the NA300 can serve your family’s electricity needs for a couple of days – even a week! During a natural disaster, the NA300 can serve your entire family’s electricity needs for several days or even a week.

The NA300 is the world’s first sodium-ion solar generator. It has a 3,000-watt pure-sine wave inverter that powers the solar panel. The battery is powered by a sodium-ion battery, which is 1000 times more abundant in the Earth’s crust than lithium. This solar generator also uses the same B480 compatible battery packs. The EP500 has the same style settings as the NA300, but has a higher energy density than LiFePO4 batteries.

The NA300 uses two B480 battery modules with a combined capacity of 4,800Wh. Solar panels can be used to recharge the battery modules. It also has a 6000-watt connection via a Fusion Box. It also has an IoT App remote control for easy access to its functions. Its battery is capable of charging other devices, too. The NA300 comes with a three-year warranty.

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