Bluetti Kickstart – Review of the Bluetti EP500 Pro

bluetti kickstarter

The Bluetti kickstarter campaign is a project to revolutionize energy storage systems. The company’s products use a lithium iron phosphate-based energy storage system and boast of portability and modern battery technology. The company is hoping to change the negative perceptions about diesel engines and other conventional energy storage systems. You can check out the EP500 Pro to learn more about this new venture. The Bluetti kickstarter campaign is now live!

The BLUETTI Kickstart project runs through May 22, 2021. The company has promised to start shipping the UPS systems to backers starting this August. The project is backed by a 2-year warranty and lifetime tech support. It will also feature a kit to seamlessly integrate with your home’s existing circuits. The system will keep your lights, heater and hot water running while your main power source is down. The Bluetti Kickstart campaign also features a range of accessories and add-ons.

The Bluetti EP500 portable backup station has proved a hit on Kickstarter. The project has already raised more than $3 million of its $10,000 goal. As the company prepares to release the new Bluetti EP500 Pro, many backers are excited about the upgraded version of the EP500. Though the Bluetti EP500 Pro offers a few improvements, it still retains key similarities with the EP500. For those who are looking for the next step in portable backup, the Bluetti EP500 Pro is a great option.

While the EP500 is a generous amount, the goal of the campaign is to raise an additional $1 million. That’s not too much, and the bluetti kickstarter campaign is not yet over. However, there are still many details to sort out. The goal is to reach a large number of backers and raise enough money to start the company. The Bluetti kickstarter is a wonderful opportunity to support a new Italian company.

Bluetti’s EP500 series and EP500 Pro are due to ship in August and June, respectively. The manufacturer promises three years of warranty and lifetime tech support, so the EP500 series should be available by then. In addition to lifetime support, the company offers an extended warranty for $399, or $699 if you buy two. Ultimately, the product is estimated to ship to backers in August 2021. When it ships, it will cost around $800 and take around six months to reach its retail price.

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