Bluetti EP500 Pro Price

bluetti ep500 pro price

The Blueetti EP500/Pro from PowerOak is a portable generator with 5,100Wh of LiFePO4 battery storage. It also features a 3.000W pure sine wave inverter and Split Phase Bonding for 24/7 UPS backup protection. In addition to these features, the Bluetti EP500/Pro also has pluggable usability and a 6,000+ charge cycle. The price is a little more than $2,700, but it will definitely provide you with great performance and value.

The Bluetti EP500/PRO features an advanced Battery Management System, LiFePO4 chemistry, and a dual-core microcomputer for improved performance. It also supports remote management and charging via solar panels. The Bluetti EP500/PRO is equipped with an AC charger and solar charging cable and comes with a user manual and warranty card. The EP500/PRO also has a kickstart project running until May 22, 2021.

The Bluetti EP500/Pro price is $399 for a single unit and $5399 for a second. That’s nearly 80% off the retail price of the Tesla Powerwall2, which is $5400. And because the EP500/Pro has a dual-split feature, it can easily connect with a second Bluetti EP500 to double the storage capacity. However, it is recommended to check the price before making a purchase.

The Bluetti EP500 comes with a built-in battery of 5,100wh. The EP500 Pro has a more powerful inverter and can provide 220/240v power. The Bluetti EP500’s battery capacity is twice as large as the next best solar generator. Even so, the battery can last about two days on a full charge. With its high-capacity battery, the EP500 is also capable of covering the necessities of a family.

If you are looking for a portable power station, the Bluetti EP500 Pro is the perfect option. Its massive battery capacity can power the entire household, a family camping trip, or even an outdoor party. With its long runtimes, this portable generator is ideal for long-term use. Its sleek, compact design is similar to Tesla’s first-generation Powerwall. It also comes with four built-in wheels for portability. If you’re looking for a new power station, don’t delay a second – the Bluetti EP500 Pro will arrive in late December 2021.

While the Bluetti EP500 is a great option for those who want to go off-grid and live the road warrior lifestyle, the company is now bringing out the EP500 PRO, a more powerful and portable version of the same unit. With a pledge of $4,099, it’s worth a try. The Bluetti EP500 Pro will surely exceed your expectations. This new model of the Bluetti EP500 has many benefits, and will fit in any lifestyle.

The Bluetti EP500/Pro can store up to 1.2kW of solar power. It also includes a Bluetti PV Voltage Step-down Modular, which steps down the voltage from solar panels. If you don’t have solar panels, it’s still a great option for storing solar power. You can even install it between the solar panels and the EP500/Pro. Depending on the voltage and amps of the outlet, the Bluetti EP500/Pro can store up to four times its own volume of power.

The EP500 series also features a surge capacity of 4800W. This power supply is capable of meeting the needs of your entire family during a power outage. With surge capacity of 6000W, the EP500 series is ideal for home and office backup, and even for replacing grid connectivity in times of blackout. These portable generators are portable, and are perfect for camping, RVing, and more.

The EP500 series has seven ports. Four of these ports are 2000W AC. That’s enough power to run anything you can plug it into. It can charge a 16″ MacBook Pro in about an hour. It even has a 12V regulated port. The EP500 Pro has a range of approximately 150 miles. However, the main advantage of this series is its versatility and ease of use. If you need to charge your EP500 Pro with an AC outlet, it won’t take long.

As well as a high-quality mobile power source, the BLUETTI EP500 Pro has many accessories available for purchase. Kickstarter is offering three of these. The first accessory is a panel box, which makes it easy to integrate into your home electrical circuit. Once connected, the BLUETTI EP500 can be turned on and take over vital loads for up to 20 minutes. This allows you to keep lights on during a rolling power outage, or run hot water or a space heater.

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