Bluetti EP500 Pro Price

bluetti ep500 pro price

The BLUETTI EP500 Pro is a sleek and modern home power station that comes with no huge price tag. This project has been a hit on Kickstarter, with more than $3 million raised so far. While the EP500 has gotten the most attention, the Pro is a bit more under-the-radar. We’ll go over a few of the benefits of the EP500 and Pro, as well as the price.

The Bluetti EP500 is a versatile device that can power just about anything you can think of. With a maximum of 4000 watts, it can run just about anything from a wall outlet to a worksite or trailer. The model also comes with a wireless charging pad, making it easier to keep all of your electronics charged and plugged in. And if you’re going off the grid, the EP500 is a great solution.

The EP500 Pro are currently available for about two thousand dollars. With a price tag of about two thousand dollars, these devices represent the most affordable options on the market. In fact, the EP500 costs only $2,799 (or $5,399 if you’re ordering two).

The EP500 Pro offers more flexibility than ever. With Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, you can easily connect to your smart device, and the touchscreen display lets you see what’s connected to the device. And with the EP500 Pro, you can use the same device to control your home’s lighting. Similarly, if you’re going off-grid, you can pair it with your rooftop photovoltaic panels. The EP500 series is a lot more powerful than you may think. This is due to the high-efficiency monocrystalline solar cell. It can load up to two thousand watts of equipment at the same time, and the BLUETTI technology is much more sophisticated than it seems.

While the BLUETTI EP500/Pro Kickstarter campaign is a limited time offer, the price will gradually increase when it hits retail. The project will begin shipping in June and August. Each model will be accompanied by a three-year warranty and lifetime tech support, so the price is still affordable even with the added costs. The BLUETTI EP500 PRO price will be approximately $399 or $699, and the project will continue to expand.

The EP500 Pro is the world’s most powerful mobile solar power station. With its 3000 watts of “primed for power,” the Bluetti EP500 Pro can overcome an outage in nearly any situation. The upgrade is a wise choice for the Bluetti EP500. It’s more powerful, has more storage space, and is more compact than its predecessor. This portable power source is more than enough for your road warrior lifestyle.

The BLUETTI EP500 Pro comes with a long list of accessories. Through Kickstarter, it is possible to pre-order three of the EP500’s accessories. With this equipment, you can seamlessly integrate the mobile power station into your home’s circuits. When the power grid goes down, the EP500 will take over all vital loads and keep them powered for as long as 20 minutes. The EP500 even lets you keep lights on during rolling power outages, and keeps your space heater and hot water running.

The Bluetti EP500 pro and EP500 series of portable solar power stations are equipped with advanced MPPT solar inverters that can handle up to 1200w of solar input. Both the pro and basic versions of the EP500 can charge a battery pack at lightning speed. The EP500 Pro might be the most powerful mobile power station that exists today. However, the basic model costs just 2,682 euros. This may seem like a small price to pay for such an advanced unit.

The Bluetti EP500 Pro is a heavy solar power station with a massive 5100Wh battery. The device was first launched on Kickstarter in March 2021 and has received almost 3M USD from backers. The Bluetti EP500 is available in two variants: the base model is a 2000W power station with a 5100Wh lithium-polymer battery pack. The base model also has a surge power of 4000 watts, which is the most powerful model.

The EP500 Pro is also equipped with a touchscreen, allowing you to monitor and control the charging process. It can also be updated remotely. Unlike some other units, the EP500 Pro has a broader range of uses than its competitors. It’s a versatile portable power source and a home UPS. It can run anything from a wall outlet, including essential circuits like computers, TVs, and other devices.