Bluetti EP500 Pro Price

bluetti ep 500 pro price

In order to determine the best Bluetti EP500 Pro price, consider its features and pricing. The basic Bluetti EP500 includes five hundred watt-hours of battery storage and a 6,000-charge life cycle. This model offers wireless charging and dual USB-A ports. Its solar panel connection and power outlet inputs are capable of up to two-four hundred watts. Its built-in pure sine-wave inverter can generate three-hundred watts of power, enough to run several devices at once.

The EP500 PRO feature a 2000-watt inverter and a 5100-watt battery pack. This power station is massive, enabling you to use it to run high-voltage appliances and electronics. The two-unit EP500s can be chained together to create an impressive 240V/four-thousand-watt power station. Whether you’re looking for a backup power solution or a way to reduce your monthly energy bills, the EP500 Pro have the features and benefits that make them perfect for your needs.

The Bluetti EP500 is also a worthy competitor. It offers plenty of power for a portable device and a superior specification to the competition. The price for the Bluetti EP500 Pro starts at $4,099, with the Kickstarter project extending through May 22, 2021. The Bluetti EP500 Pro will also ship with a solar charging cable and warranty card. It is a good idea to take the time to compare the two models before you make a purchase.

The Bluetti EP500 PRO power station cost around $3,900 and $4,300. While both units have the same LifePO4 battery, the EP500 Pro come with a few key differences. The EP500 Pro has a 30A/20A receptacle and two 100W USB type-C ports, as well as a dual-core microcomputer and a built-in solar panel charging station.

For the most part, the Bluetti EP500Pro will provide a reliable source of solar power for about 1.2 kw. The Bluetti EP500/Pro is compatible with 1.2 kW of solar power, and an optional PV Voltage Step-down Modular can be added between the solar panel and the Bluetti EP500/Pro. The Bluetti EP500/Pro will save you money on expensive solar panels by allowing you to charge the EP500/Pro with both AC and PV power.

The EP500 has Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and ARM processors. The touchscreen display also displays connected devices. The Bluetti EP500/Pro is larger and heavier than its predecessor. It is best kept in a single location. Its wheels on the bottom make it easier to transport. The Bluetti EP500/Pro Kickstarter campaign will offer the possibility to integrate with the second EP500. The price ranges between $2799 and $3700.

With its split phase wiring, the Bluetti EP500/Pro Price can be connected to the home grid in Split Phase Bonding mode. This means it can be used during off-peak hours, and charged during peak hours. In addition, it can be connected to a private power station or photovoltaic system to create a 24/7 operable personal power community. This means you can use this power source for all of your daily power needs.

The Bluetti EP500/Pro has a powerful solar charging input. The basic model will charge a lead acid battery in about five hours, while the pro model can accept up to two-hundred-watts of solar power. It will take nine hours to charge a 600-watt AC source. It also includes B-Lynk connection technology, which enables you to monitor the performance of your power station from your mobile phone. This technology is very convenient and allows you to monitor the overall performance of your entire system from anywhere.

In addition to being portable and lightweight, the Bluetti EP500/Pro is a home power storage hub and can be coupled with two EP500 Pros to create a massive power station. Its power output is sufficient to operate heavy-duty appliances, such as televisions, fridges, air conditioners, and heaters. Its split-phase bonding feature allows you to connect two EP500s or more to double your AC output.

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