Bluetti EP500 Price Review

bluetti ep 500 price

If you are considering buying a solar generator or power station, you’ll want to know how much the Bluetti EP500 costs. This Kickstarter project is still underway, but the price is still quite low at just $2,799 – nearly half of its normal retail price. Before making your final decision, you should compare the price of the Bluetti EP500 to those of other solar generators and power stations. To get an idea of how much the Bluetti EP500 costs, see our review below.

The Bluetti EP500 is an extremely expensive solar panel, but it is also a great deal, especially if you live in an area that frequently experiences power outages and natural disasters. This type of solar power station is extremely effective for remote service areas, so you can enjoy uninterrupted power for your home or business. Because it is a reliable and well-known company, you can expect great customer support from the Bluetti team.

The Bluetti EP500 is available in two different variants, with the top-quality top-of-the-line model being a good option for home or office power backup. The solar input is twice that of the next-best solar generator, so the Bluetti EP500 will quickly recharge. Even better, the EP500’s battery capacity is enough to power all of your essentials for up to two days.

The Bluetti EP500 features a built-in battery capacity of five hundred watt-hours. The Goal Zero Yeti 6000X has a higher capacity battery. The Blueetti EP500 comes standard with a five-year warranty and lifetime technical support. The Bluetti EP500’s battery life is impressive, and it can easily run a refrigerator and freezer all night long. The only drawback is that it has a small charge controller.

The Bluetti EP500’s solar panel can charge up to 550 watts using a standard wall outlet. However, it is possible to use two Bluetti EP500 Pros for an unlimited amount of power. These units have two AC outlets and can be used simultaneously. They can also use lead-acid batteries to provide extra power if needed. In the unlikely event that a power outage occurred, the Bluetti EP500 can still charge up your home using solar panels.

The Bluetti EP500 also has WiFi capability, and you can access the app on your iOS or Android device from anywhere. It is also capable of charging lead acid batteries, although you should run your car before doing so because it can drained your car battery. The Blueetti EP500 is also a good UPS for the home, as it is a powerful backup power source. It can provide power for up to three days.

The EP500 is a great backup power source for those times when you can’t access your electric company. It has a five-100W LiFePO4 battery for essential needs and a surge capacity of up to 4800W. It is also fire-resistant and supports split-phase bonding, which optimizes the power output. There are also many convenient features on the EP500 Pro, including two USB-A ports and wireless charging. Furthermore, it has a 12-volt/10A DC and one 30A RV connection. This means that it can power more devices at once.

The BLUETTI EP500 is a heavy solar power station with a massive 5100Wh battery. It was launched on Kickstarter in March 2021, and has already collected over $3 million USD in its Kickstarter project. Despite its huge price tag, it has several advantages. It can power an entire household, even an outdoor party, or a family camping trip. In addition to long runtimes for most appliances, it looks similar to Tesla’s first-generation Powerwall, and it has four wheels for easy portability.

The Bluetti EP500 is also a great option if you need to travel with a solar generator. It weighs fourteen pounds and can be easily folded into a suitcase when not in use. Besides, it has a built-in kickstand for added stability. There are two models in the Bluetti EP500 line. Each model offers the same features, but a higher price tag. They have two models, but they are nearly identical.