Bluetti AC50S Vs Jackery 500 – What’s the Difference?

bluetti ac50s vs jackery 500

You may be wondering what is the difference between a Bluetti AC50S and a Jackery 500? In this article, you will learn how these two portable power stations compare, and why you should buy one over the other. There are many advantages to each of these power stations. Whether you are comparing the two or looking for a better value for your money, we’ll go over each feature in more detail.

The first difference between these two portable power supplies is their capacity. The Bluetti AC50S is better able to store solar power than the Jackery 500. It can be fully recharged in four hours using its 100-watt folding solar panel, while the Jackery 500 can take seven to ten hours to fully charge. For your budget, you might be better off with the Bluetti AC50S, which costs about $300 less than its competitor.

The Bluetti AC50S is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a budget option that offers plenty of power for your big devices. It includes all the ports, emergency light, and Qi charging pad. However, the AC50S is only a bit cheaper and is similar to the AC50. However, the AC50S has a number of features that the AC50 lacks, which makes it a better choice for those with smaller power needs.

The Bluetti AC50S can handle up to 300W of power when it comes to charging. In fact, the power output of a typical laptop will run for approximately seven to eight hours. That’s more than double the power output of a laptop. So, it’s worth checking which one will give you the best value for your money. The Bluetti AC50S is better than the Jackery 500 in almost every way.

The Bluetti AC50S uses a solar panel that uses monocrystalline silicon cells. The panel has an ETFE laminate to increase its light absorption. The battery charges within four hours when used with a car charger, while the Jackery uses AC power, which can take 5 to six hours. But you should be aware that pass-through charging is much slower than conventional charging methods.

As mentioned earlier, a comparison of the two portable power stations is crucial. The Bluetti has a larger capacity and a more versatile port arrangement. It can power a 500W device and is a great option for backyard movie nights. It weighs just thirteen pounds, and features a solid exterior and comfortable built-in handle. The Jackery also offers a digital display and a built-in MPPT controller.

The AC50S offers an AC out plug, two USB type A ports, and an Anderson Powerpole jack. There is a small flashlight built into the side of the charger. The light can be switched on or off and blinks when needed. The AC50S also has a charging area of 10W. The handles of the charger fold up into the top to make it portable and convenient. However, it does not come with a carrying pouch.

The AC50S has a more compact profile, while the EB55 has a 700W inverter and a 537W ultra-safe battery pack. The AC50S costs about the same in Amazon, and EB55 has a 700W inverter and a 500W battery pack. Both units include a wireless charger and four 5V/3A USB-A outlets.

The AC50S is lightweight and comes with a battery capacity of 500Wh. That means you can charge your smartphone or tablet 36 times with it, or use it for other purposes for several hours. The AC50S also has a built-in emergency light and solar charge controller for a portable power supply. You’ll find it more convenient than a charging cable to charge your mobile device.

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