Bluetti AC300 Power Station Combo

bluetti ac300

The Bluetti AC300 power station combo comes with a built-in UPS system that helps you maintain a steady power supply during a power failure. This system detects if your power rate is fluctuating and supplies the necessary amount of power. The system is modular, so you can expand your unit if you ever need more power. You can also use the BLUETTI App to control the power supply remotely.

The Bluetti AC300 is 100% modular, so you can easily change the batteries and connect the modules. You can charge the B300 battery module with 2,400 watts of solar power in just 1.5 hours. Combined with a Bluetti MPPT controller, you can store up to six kw of continuous AC power. This solar power generator is perfect for outdoor use and home backup systems. It can even be attached to your home’s grid, which means you can have backup power for days on end.

Another feature of the Bluetti AC300 is its ability to tie into your home’s power grid. This lets it automatically supply electricity to your home even during blackouts. You can even tie your AC power supply into the Bluetti AC300. This feature is also handy if you don’t want to pay for electricity every month. The AC300 battery module is modular, and you can easily connect it to two B300 battery modules for maximum power and capacity.

If you want to use this portable power source to keep your laptop running during power outages, you can purchase additional battery modules. The AC300 will be powered by four B300 battery modules, each with a capacity of 3072Wh. You can buy as many battery modules as you need, and you’ll get enough power to run an LCD TV for two days. You can even add an AC200 MAX battery module to it for added power.

Another feature of the AC300 that you should know is its surge rating. The AC300 is capable of handling a surge of 6000W. Its surge limit is two minutes for 3100W to 3750W and five seconds for 4500W to 6kW. With this surge protection, you can run a water pump for two minutes with the power of the Bluetti AC300. Similarly, most power tools only use a few seconds of surge during startup.

The AC300 has a 3,000W total input rate, but can be charged with a wall outlet or solar panels. It can support a maximum of 5400W* with a wall outlet or two B300 packs. To charge two B300s simultaneously, you’ll need two B300 packs. Alternatively, you can connect the AC300 to your home grid. This will let you tie the AC300 to your home grid for maximum power output.

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