Blueti AC200 Max – A Complete Solar Power System

bluetti ac200 max

The Blueti AC200MAX is a complete solar power system. Its battery has a life span of 3500+ to 80% and can handle a surge of up to 4800W. Its LFP battery has a life span of three thousand and four hundred and eighty days, and it has the capacity to expand with additional battery modules. The AC inverter is capable of handling up to 500W of adapter input. The Smart App monitor and control system make this an all-round power station.

In addition, the AC200 Max supports an expandable battery bank with a B230 battery. A B230 battery pack provides 4096 Wh of storage and two B230 batteries provide 6144 Wh of capacity. The AC200 Max is compatible with both B230 and B300 batteries. These batteries can also be used as stand-alone battery banks. This is an industry first. This feature allows users to charge and discharge their batteries simultaneously, ensuring continuous power.

The AC200 Max offers hot-swappable batteries for easier battery replacement. By utilizing the new battery expansion packs, you can add additional modules without affecting the overall system’s performance. The Bluetti AC200 Max is compact and easy to carry. With a capacity of 2,200 W, it is an excellent choice for backpacking. The AC200 Max can be used for long periods of time, which makes it a great option for outdoor camping.

The AC200 MAX is the next step in the AC200 series. It looks like the AC200P but with many upgrades. It can be controlled via a Bluetooth connection and has an additional expansion port for an additional battery. It also has 16 total power outlets. The AC200 Max has two B230 and B300 battery modules, which can be used to charge additional batteries. It can also charge an EV station as well.

The AC200MAX has multiple ports, including USB, which allows for easy charging of many USB-dependent electronics. In fact, it can even recharge a Tesla vehicle. It can also power a bicycle. Aside from being great for charging smartphones and tablets, it also functions as a backup power source for home heating, lighting, and PCs. It is even great for off-grid use. You will love the versatility and the ease of use!

The AC200MAX features a variety of power inputs, including a 12V car port, solar panels, and a 500W power adapter. The AC200MAX comes with two expansion ports to connect extra batteries. The ports are covered with soft silicone to prevent the possibility of damage. In addition to the AC200MAX, the Bluetti AC300 is also compatible with the Bluetti AC300.

Despite the rumors, Bluetti has yet to disclose the full product roadmap for 2021. The AC200 MAX will be released in late August 2021, while the B230 will hit stores in September. The AC300, however, will arrive sometime in 2022. Moreover, Bluetti is working on a mysterious new model that will outperform the AC300. However, it hasn’t stated much about the AC300’s power consumption.

The AC200MAX features 16 outlets, two USB-A, two USB-C PD, wireless charging (15W), and four 230V outlets. Its two charging options allow you to charge your electronics and appliances in less than two hours. Furthermore, the AC200MAX supports charging from solar panels as well as wall outlets, and the batteries can be recharged using the sun. It also has 15 outlets, allowing you to keep several devices in use.

For the best performance and flexibility, the AC200MAX can also be expanded. The AC200MAX has a capacity of up to 2,048 Wh, and the B300 battery can double or even quadruple the AC200MAX’s power capacity. Combined with the AC200MAX, two B230 battery modules are enough to meet the energy requirements of up to eighteen thousand people.

While the AC200 Max is compact and lightweight, the AC300 has more advanced features. Its size is 16.5 x 15.2 inches and weighs 61.9 pounds. It costs around $1800 after an initial discount. It has a five hundred-watt storage capacity and dual inverter options. The AC200 Max and the Bluetti EP500 Pro are currently only available on the Bluetti website. The company also has a Kickstarter campaign for its new products.

BLUETTI announced 4 new models in July after the success of its AC200 model. They hinted at new products in a group on Facebook, and announced a new 3kW power station and expandable battery modules. Previously, the company launched the EP500 Pro, a 3,000-watt home power center, which raised $6.7 million. The new AC300 power station was released this month as well.

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