Black & Decker PPRH5B Portable Power Station

black decker power station

If you need a portable power source, the STANLEY Professional Power Station may be a good choice. The unit offers 450 instant and 900 peak amps. It also features a 120 psi air compressor with a backlit gauge. There are also five 120-volt 500-watt power outlets, including one with a USB outlet. The station measures 15.80 x 13.40 x 6.50 inches.


The Black and Decker PPRH5B Power Station is a portable tool that combines the features of a jump starter with an internal battery. It is usually used to jump start a car, but it can also recharge USB style charging cables. Its 120 PSI air compressor can also power laptops. This power station is a perfect solution for anyone who needs jump-starting power on the go.

The Black + Decker PPRH5B Portable Power Station is a two-in-one power tool that can start the most powerful engines and recharge various electrical appliances. It also has safety features that can make it a convenient tool for any user. Despite its size, the Black + Decker PPRH5B is not lightweight.


The Black + Decker PS400JRB Power Station is a reliable, portable alternative to a traditional household power outlet. This portable power source features a 500-watt power inverter and 120 PSI air compressor. It is ideal for jump-starting a vehicle or charging other electrical devices. This unit also includes a safety feature such as an automatic shutoff, which helps to prevent accidental overcharging. While it isn’t lightweight, it is durable and is designed to last for years.

Battery type

For users who need a power source away from a power outlet, the Black + Decker PPRH5B Power Station is a great option. It has enough power to run lighting equipment, audio/visual equipment, and even a compressor. This model is very compact and inexpensive.

This battery is a high-quality rechargeable sealed lead acid battery that offers superior life. Its price is also unbeatable. The battery is made of high-grade material and meets the same performance standards as the original Black & Decker battery. It is also 100% compatible with the PS400JRB Power Station battery. The PS400JRB battery will provide the same performance and life as the original Black & Decker battery.


The Black + Decker PPRH5B Power Station is a great choice for anyone who works outdoors, but does not have access to household power outlets. This portable power station features an air compressor and several outlets that allow it to run electrical equipment and lighting. In addition, it also comes with USB ports for recharging and an LED flashlight. This device is compact, lightweight, and relatively inexpensive.

The Black + Decker PPRH5B Power Station is equipped with an internal battery that can be charged with USB style charging cables. This portable power station will also charge your laptop, if it is plugged in to the included adapter. This power station also features a 120 PSI air compressor and reverse polarity alarms.

Battery life

The Black & Decker PS400JRB Power Station Replacement Battery is a rechargeable sealed-lead acid battery that provides superior battery life. It is also one of the best-priced options on the market. The picture displayed is for illustrative purposes only. You may need to call the store to verify product availability.