Bibene 500W Portable Power Station CN505 Review

bibene 500w portable power station cn505 614wh

The FFPOWER 500W PORTABLE POWER STATION CN505 is a surprisingly good 500W portable power station. It includes a 60W USB-C charger and a 110V power supply for camping and home use. Unlike most portable power stations, it uses LiFePO4 battery technology. It also has a battery that lasts for years, if properly maintained.

A portable power station is essentially a mini-generator that runs off the sun. They can be packed into a lunchbox and taken with you, or to the job site, to keep your electronics charged. A portable power station is great for storing energy and keeping power tools running smoothly. This summer, most of the US is expected to have blackouts. Having a portable power station is a great idea if you plan on spending any amount of time outdoors.

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