Best Small Portable Inverter Generator – What to Look For

The best small portable inverter generator for consumers like myself is the one that can actually hold a charge for more than a day. If I had to guess, I would say the one that can hold a charge for at least ten hours. As you all know, appliances such as laptop, cell phone chargers and even cars need a charge from time to time. It may be during a power outage or when the grid fails to provide electricity. You don’t want your valuable equipment to stop working, do you?

best small portable inverter generator

One of the things I look for in portable inverter generators is its capacity. This means it should be able to run at least half the time. The best ones are able to run at full capacity for at least four to five hours. The reason why they have trouble is that some of them don’t have one of those characteristics.

Those that only operate at half power often have problems with overheating, which can cause damage to delicate electronics. It may also cause it to burn up because of overheating. Small consumers like myself often don’t care about these things but there are others out there who take the safety of their appliances seriously.

One thing I look for in a generator is whether or not it has a number of outlets including one for each charging port. Most consumers like the ability to use all their electrical devices at once so they can be on the go and still be plugged in. That means having several outlets including the primary port. It also means having a secondary outlet, in case you have something plugged into one port, and you’re using the other one. Having multiple ports makes it easier for consumers like me.

The smaller the generator, the more compact it should be lighter weight. This is where many smaller consumers like myself get confused because they think they’re buying the biggest, brightest, best portable inverter generator they can find. Then they realize they can’t move it around because it’s too bulky. They don’t realize that there are several outlets including 12V and 5V that can be used for multiple charging ports and they have to be within arm’s reach for it to fit properly. I believe this is a prime example why consumers like me will always choose the smaller devices.

I don’t necessarily recommend a cordless small portable power source. Why? Because the cord gives me an option to have the power that comes at a rapid charge and is much safer than using solar power. Also, the actual cord needs to be in direct line with the device I’m charging. That way you never run the risk of overloading and damaging the device.

If you plan on using your small portable device during camping, I would suggest you go with a portable device that has both AC and DC output. This way you can plug it into your existing outlet or if you’re using a battery power source you can also use your car battery as a power. As far as size goes, there is actually quite a bit of variety. It all depends on the purpose that the device is intended for.

So there you have it. Now you know what to look for in the best small portable inverter generator. Just remember, it’s best to use a smaller device that gives you the most power when needed and has the longest life expectancy. The device you choose should last for at least several years if not more.

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