Be Pressure 3500 Watt Portable Inverter Generator

The Be Pressure 3500 watt portable inverter generator is one of the most effective and efficient devices available in the market today. In a very short span of time, this generator has already established its name as the best. It is one of the devices that is very much required by many in different areas of the country where power failure is inevitable and normal electricity cannot be acquired. This device is so good that it can easily be carried from one place to another with the use of a single-strand or three-strand power cable.

be pressure 3500 watt portable inverter generator

Being a marine gadget, it is protected from water splashes and other rough weather conditions by the ultra violet (UV) insulation that comes as a part of the device. It can even stand up to high pressure sodium jets. In short, this unit can perform well under any condition. And this is the reason why there are many who prefer to have it for their homes. It serves many household functions such as running all the appliances, keeping temperatures under control, and even be used as a backup power generator during blackouts.

Many would say that a lot of generators like the Be Pressure are just for show. In reality, this unit is a lot more than that. It has features that are truly functional and beneficial to the user. Here are some of them.

o Its onboard inverter is capable of automatically changing the voltage of AC from an AC 12V to AC 7V. It can also shut down the generator when the unit is totally dead. This is done without actually shutting down the machine. As a result, you can still be able to go on with your work or other activities. Just unplug the inverter from the mainboard, and the generator will resume operating. The system is so smart that it even recognizes when the batteries are fully charged and does not shut down until the batteries are rechargeable.

o Another great feature of this unit is its safety feature. An automatic over current indication will be sent to the monitor. As a result, the monitor will shut itself off once the load hits 10 amps. This means you can be sure of your electricity as long as there are no overloaded circuits. The inverter will automatically switch to the standby mode if any malfunctions occur.

o It is equipped with a built in three year warranty. This means that you can even have a chance of replacement of the generator parts. Although not covered by a national warranty, many local areas do offer their own covers. It is also covered by its original manufacturer’s warranty.

o If your Be Pressure can be moved, then you can move it! This unit can be easily wheeled or carried while still plugged into an outlet. There are no restrictions on the place, you can use this portable generator in either. Even in the outdoors, it is safe to use.

o If you want to make your own power, then this inverter can be the answer to your problem. With its easy install features, you will be able to connect it right away to your home’s power source. Even if you are living in a remote location, you will still be connected to your power. For added convenience, the monitor will shut itself off once the load reaches a certain point. You just need to be alert to ensure that the unit is already powered off. This is a great feature for those who would want to use the be pressure portable power inverter system but are residing in a remote location.

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