AUKEY Portable Power Station

Tips To Help You Decide If You Need An AUKEY PowerTitan 300W Portable Power Station

The AUKEY portable Power station is a great product and has many advantages over other similar power stations on the market today. It is extremely durable, designed to withstand constant use in harsh environments. The unit does not need any modifications are done to the power plug such as unplugging it while it is connected to the mains. It also has an automatic safety shut off switch which allows a safe shutdown when there is no longer electricity being supplied to the mains. All of these points combined make the Power Station an excellent choice for any industrial or commercial site.

Here’s the actual model to look for:

AUKEY PowerTitan 300 Portable Power Station, 288Wh Solar Generator Backup Lithium Battery, 110V/300W Pure Sine Wave AC Outlets, Compatible with Solar Panels for Outdoors, Camping, Travel, Hunting

The Aukey portable Power station is one of the newest generation of power stations and has several advantages over its older siblings such as the Pressure Swing Electric Wheeled Unit (PSU). The PSU units are designed with a single power output, which means that all of the electrical needs of the machine are met by a single unit. They are however, extremely large and heavy. The PSU units can only handle a single amp of current and will shut down if they are overloaded. This makes them unsuitable for use in small businesses or where space is limited.

The Aukey portable Power station on the other hand is very different. It has two power outputs, one being dedicated to supplying the mains whilst the other acts as a backup power supply in the event that the primary unit fails. It is designed to provide up to twelve hours of continuous operation and is capable of powering all of the equipment that the unit is used to power. Furthermore, due to its design the unit takes up a very little space in your building making it suitable for a range of applications. The PSU units used to be large and cluttering but the latest models are slim and compact. Also, the PSU units have an automatic shut off system meaning that the power station will shut itself off automatically when no power is available.

The Aukey portable Power station will meet the needs of any business from small home offices through to very large organizations. There are various sizes available and you can also purchase a stand-alone unit that will power and run just one appliance. These can then be added onto the main unit to increase power. Alternatively you can purchase a series of these. However, this may not be the most cost effective solution.

When looking at the unit use a reputable supplier. There are many suppliers of power stations on the market, so it is not difficult to find one who you feel comfortable using. The supplier will be able to advise you on the exact specifications of the unit you are considering and tell you whether you require any servicing and maintenance. In the case of an Aukey power station you will have access to the manufacturer’s service centre and access to parts and accessories should you require any of these. However, you may still need to hire your own power supply units.

If you consider an Aukey portable power station as a portable unit use a cordless power cord. Some Aukey power station have a plug attach which can work well if you intend to use the appliance in more than one location. In the case of the stand alone units you will not have these options, so you will have to obtain your own cordless power cable.

Consider what appliances you want to be connected to the power source. It is easy to buy a single appliance on sale but if you have several of them then it may be better to buy them all from the same supplier. You may also want to consider the number of appliances you plan to use at one time. Connecting multiple appliances together at the same time can often result in a cheaper multi-purpose unit.

A further consideration when purchasing a power station for your home is to consider the size of the appliance unit. These tend to be quite small so if you want to have more than one appliance connected it can be a good idea to look into one of the larger range of units such as a multi-purpose stand alone unit. If you have several items of furniture that use power regularly then consider purchasing a power station that has several outlets. You will usually find these in rooms where there are many items of furniture that use power like the living room, kitchen and dining room. The advantage of these units is that they will give all the appliances that you have an outlet near them.


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