All About Cummins Onan P2500i

The Onan Cumbria 2000W Portable Generator is a new design from Cuminals. It is an all-in-one industrial strength unit. It is more efficient and it runs cooler than other generators. These generators are ideal for industries like power supply, construction, farming, mining and so on. This generator can be used in different applications.

cummins onan p2500i 2200w portable inverter generator

These generators are basically designed for industries as they can power up several machines at one go. They can power conveyor belts, back hoes, bucket trucks, and many more. It also has the capacity to run multiple units at a time. It has the capacity to provide power for industries as well as for your personal home.

This generator is very powerful and is a great choice for industries. It has a heavy duty diesel engine with four-stroke vibration absorption system. This kind of engine has been used in different kinds of machines like mining trucks, air compressors, and the like. The diesel engine runs on petrol and can also run on electricity. The diesel is a good quality fuel that gives longer service life. In addition, it is also environment friendly.

The Onan Cumbria 2000W generator is designed with a safety throttle for constant pressure regulation. This is a very advanced safety device that ensures you never experience the sudden shock or vibration that usually happens when you use the machine with a diesel engine. This machine comes with an automatic ignition system and dual clutch control.

This machine has a variable voltage supply that can be adjusted according to the load requirements. If you need the machine to work harder, then you can increase its power. You have a choice of choosing from four different fuels which are Petrol, Ethanol, Biogas and HHO. It uses two of these fuels to meet the fuel demands of the customers. In fact, it makes your work simple and easy.

The diesel engine offers a long service life with low energy costs. It also runs silently making your task much easier and relaxing. When it comes to power, this generator is equipped with a high-speed, heavy-duty, direct inject-fire diesel engine. This powerful engine runs at maximum speed delivering more than nine kilowatts of capacity. This is enough to supply power for all equipments like the lights, the pumps, fans, heating system, inverter, battery, and many others.

The machine can operate quietly and easily. It comes with a remote control that is extremely safe to use. Moreover, the Onan P2500i can run on natural gas, propane and diesel fuel. Therefore, if you have a limited budget and you do not want to buy a new machine, then this model of diesel engine generator will work well for you.

When you own such machines, then you are highly benefited since you can save time, effort and money. Therefore, you should take benefit from the machine that offers you all these features. Go for a store that provides you with a comprehensive list of features. Compare different models to find the best one that suits your needs. Moreover, go for the manufacturers that guarantee their machines so that you are free from defects.

The Cummins Onan P2500i diesel engine provides you a long life. No repairs are required in the future. These machines are guaranteed to run efficiently for several years. Moreover, you do not have to change the oil often. Therefore, it helps you save more money.

The machine works smoothly. You will never hear a rattling sound when the machine runs. Such machines are quiet and powerful at the same time. Therefore, you can rely on the machine when it comes to performance.

The fuel economy of the machine is very good. In fact, it is much better than that of the average diesel car. Moreover, the Onan P2500i diesel engine runs very silently. So, you do not have to keep adjusting the noise because of the loud noise of the traditional engines.

In addition, the Onan P2500i diesel engine does not give extra fuel expenses. Therefore, you will be able to save your budget on fuel. You can also save a lot when it comes to the maintenance of this machine. All in all, this machine gives you a smooth ride and good performance for many years.

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