A Portable Inverter Generator That Offers More Power Than You Think

Generac iQ3500 Portable Inverter Generator delivers all the power your equipment needs to keep your engine running smoothly. The generator is designed to meet the needs of whatever type of outdoor activity you might need it for. With a multitude of options on the market, it’s up to you to find the model that is perfect for your specific situation. You can even choose the size of the unit to match your needs. Generac iQ3500 Portable Inverter Generator has many features that will compliment any outdoor adventure.

generac iq3500 portable inverter generator

The iQ3500 portable inverter generator allows you to bring mobile power to where ever you go from camping trips to tailgating parties, even the jobsite. The durable, lightweight, portable design is precisely engineered for ease of portability, while the intuitive Power Dial integrates all of the start-stop, run and charge functions into one single simple-to-use knob. No more adjusting cables or removing car plug adapter. With the compact, lightweight generator, you can easily move it from your vehicle to where ever you need it most.

The Powerrush Technology delivers unparalleled performance, delivering 1500 watts of continuous power to your entire home, even when the sun is gone. The high-performance, fully automatic switching power switch on/off provides reliable service even when the weather is bad. The built-in, battery powered “low speed” starting capacity provides additional convenience when low wattage power is needed. Low voltage starting capability ensures that your generator will operate even when the power is down.

The exterior is ruggedly designed, making it suitable for even the harshest outdoor conditions. The Generac iQ3500 portable generator has a durable steel enclosure to protect your engine from the elements. Engineered with heavy-duty motors and state-of-the-art safety and security components, it offers maximum reliability and performance. Each component, no matter how minute its role, is covered by a 10-year limited warranty. Also, each and every generator model come complete with mounting hardware and quick installation instructions.

Generac iQ3500 Portable Inverter Generators is eco-friendly, too. The compact size of these portable generators makes them more energy efficient than standard models, which use larger and outdated diesel engines that require more gasoline to run. Instead of using expensive oil to run, this generator uses an environmentally safe gasoline. The result? Lowering your fuel costs and protecting the environment.

When compared with other portable generators in the market today, the Generac iQ3500 is more fuel-efficient. It runs at more than twice as much electricity as the competition, while consuming half the amount of fuel. As an added benefit, you can expect the longest run-time on the market, up to 40 hours, which is more than enough for most home owners. The generator has dual high-voltage outputs and is compatible with diesel and gasoline generators. It also offers optimal quiet operation and minimal power fluctuations during operation.

In addition to providing more power and less pollution, the iq3500 generator is also very quiet. In fact, you won’t be able to detect it even when it’s running. Because of its slim design and efficient fuel consumption, it is perfect for tailgating parties and backyard BBQs. Moreover, since it is compatible with most home gas stoves, you will never run out of options for connecting it to your existing power source.

The Generac iQ3500 Portable Inverter Generator is perfect for both commercial and residential use. There are no restrictions when it comes to its use because it has been approved by the local, state, and federal government. In fact, it has even been featured on numerous TV shows and received many positive comments from consumers. What’s more, its compact size, ease of use, and quiet operation make it a great choice for anyone who needs to provide extra power for their outdoor gatherings.

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