A Duromax XP 4850eh Dual Fuel Portable Generator

Choosing a portable generator can be quite confusing. There are several different types and all require different fuel sources. Your choice will also depend on whether you want a portable unit or if you need a permanent unit. If you plan to use the device in your own home then it is likely that you will choose a gasoline or propane generator. Gasoline powered generators tend to be more portable than propane ones but both work well.

portable generator gas or propane

The two main companies that manufacture portable generators are Westinghouse and National Products Corporation. Most people use a gasoline type because it is cheaper than other companies. You can also find a number of small units produced by smaller companies that will power your entire home with either gasoline or propane.

When looking for a portable generator, you need to think about how much power you will require. If you plan to use the device to power your whole home then you should choose a gasoline powered generator. These devices are often used in vacation homes or RVs but are also suitable for small businesses. Because they are easy to transport, you can use them in places where mobile electricity is not available.

Gas powered generators are also good for work. Businesses that use a lot of power tools often find that it is cheaper to use propane rather than gasoline. Even if you run your tools on low oil you will still need a source of fuel for your generator. Smaller portable generators for home use are also fuel sources that are suitable for work.

It is important to check the user manual for any specific information about the size of generator you need. Gas powered units are generally available in three sizes; twenty, forty and eighty-liter tanks. The tank size will affect how much power your generator has to provide. Propane tanks can be as large as sixteen gallons but these larger units take up more space and are more expensive to transport to sites that do not have access to low cost propane.

Some models can run on gasoline and propane. You will not have to worry about using up gas in the event that you run out. However, this means that you will have to take fuel for your device from a safety point of purchase. This can be more expensive than gasoline, since there is no tax advantage for using it. You also have to pay for propane delivery if you purchase it online since it can be expensive. Many people who use their food trucks to run food cart businesses use only propane.

Portable generators are rated in watts. This rating can help you determine what type of generator you will need based on the amount of power your needs. A thirty watt generator will be much less powerful than one rated at sixty-two watts. It may seem like a small difference but every difference can add up when you are trying to provide food for an ever increasing number of people.

The portable generator you choose should be able to meet all of your needs. There is no point in purchasing a model with too high a rating if it will not provide the runtime you require. When you go through the reviews, you will see that some models offer great reviews but do not match the required runtime that you can get from them. For this reason, I recommend that you read reviews of any model you are considering so you can find out whether or not it is appropriate for your needs.

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