5 Portable Solar Generators You Can Use at Home

mini solar generator

If you’re looking for a portable solar power system for your home, you can’t go wrong with a mini solar generator. This small device will allow you to charge your laptop, lights, radio, and other devices by harnessing the sun’s energy. It has two powerful 160-watt solar panels and charges quickly, ranging from four to eight hours. It can also be charged from a standard AC wall outlet or from a car outlet. The unit has a built-in charging port and a practical stand for easy transport. You can adjust the angle of the solar panels, too.

Anker 545

One of the best features of the Anker 545 mini solar generator is its compact size and low weight, which make it an excellent choice for camping trips or other outdoor activities. It’s about the size of a shoebox and weighs less than a case of beer, making it easy to pack along with your camping gear and easily move around.

When plugged in, this unit will provide up to 18 hours of power. It’s capable of charging up to 11 devices at once, including your laptop. This power station also has two AC outlets, two USB-C ports, one vehicle-class outlet, and two USB-A ports. In addition, it is equipped with Andersen ports, which are designed to accept charging from compatible solar panels. It also features MPPT technology, which ensures the highest level of recharging efficiency.

Unlike its Delta Pro counterpart, this portable power station is small enough to fit in a backpack, making it the perfect choice for emergencies. It weighs just over four pounds and has a 155Wh lithium battery, which provides enough power for a small to medium-sized household. It also has AC outlets and a built-in emergency LED flashlight that can be set to bright, dim, or SOS modes. In addition, it features an LCD screen to display battery level, input power, and output power, along with error codes.

If you need power fast, the Anker 545 mini solar generator will deliver. With 1500W of power, it will power an average laptop or two phones, and can also run a TV or a fan. It also includes standard household appliance outlets, so you can use it to charge your television or mini-fridge.

MaxOak Bluetti

The MaxOak Bluetti mini solar generator is part of a new generation of portable solar power stations. It is designed to be a viable alternative to the popular Goal Zero Yeti and Inergy Kodiak solar generators. Its large energy storage capacity makes it suitable for use in mobile living situations. In addition, it has a built-in pure sine wave converter, which allows you to use the power from your generator as if it were an ordinary AC outlet.

Another benefit of this product is its portability and lightweight design. Its battery bank is made of automobile-level 3C high-rate cells, which are rated for over 2,000 cycles. It also has built-in battery management features, including overcharge, overcurrent, and over-voltage protection. Lastly, it has 4 USB outlets to provide power to a variety of devices.

The Bluetti EB150 solar generator weighs less than 38 pounds and includes a battery with a capacity of 1500 watt hours. It also has a 1000-watt pure sine wave inverter that allows it to power appliances and power tools. It is also safe to use indoors and does not produce any fumes. Unlike most of its competitors, the Bluetti does not require gas to run.

The Bluetti EB150 comes with four 100-watt rigid solar panels and a 25-foot PV extension cable. It is one of the most reliable solar generators available on the market today. It is great for outdoor activities and full-time RV living, and it’s an excellent backup generator during power outages.

The Bluetti AC200P is another good option for an AC-powered mini solar generator. It is lightweight, durable, and can fill up quickly with 100W of horizontal sunlight. It also has an onboard battery management system. It has a 1000-watt lithium battery bank and top-quality LG battery cells. It can also be recharged from any AC wall outlet.


When you’re planning an outdoor vacation, it’s important to have power for your electronic devices. You can use Jackery’s mini solar generator to keep your devices charged during power outages or when you’re on an off-grid trip. This portable power station has four folding solar panels, making it convenient to use during power outages. The unit can also be left outside in a tent and is water resistant.

The Jackery Mini Solar Generator is not designed to run the whole house during a power outage, but it’s a handy backup generator for select appliances. It’s also ideal for RVs and road trips. It has an LCD display to let you monitor the output of the unit so you know how much power it has.

Jackery’s mini solar generator features multiple connections and a 500-watt AC outlet. With this power, you can charge a laptop, phone, or other AC-relied device. The generator can also power several devices at once, including a projector or surveying instrument. The mini generator also has three USB ports and a 12V car output, so you can use it when you’re away from the grid.

The Jackery Explorer 500 kit includes the Jackery 500 portable power station and a solarSaga 100-watt solar panel. The Jackery Explorer 500 kit converts the energy from the sun into electrical power and stores it inside the portable power station. It’s a reliable, clean power source, and is easy to transport and store.

The Jackery 500 features an improved charger. This increases the voltage of the battery, thereby reducing heat generated by the system. Its inverter uses Lithium NMC (lithium-ion) battery, which provides better energy conversion through the inverter.

Dometic PLB40

The Dometic PLB40 mini solar generator comes with two charging options. It accepts AC power from your car or home, and can be charged from a solar panel at camp. The generator also has three outlets for charging devices, including a twin USB socket. You can use these outlets to charge LED lights, headlamps, and other devices.

The battery inside the Dometic PLB40 is large enough to support thousands of charging cycles. It can also power devices such as electric coolers, drone batteries, and media devices. The battery can last for at least 40 hours. This means you can use it for several days on camping trips.

Another feature of the Dometic PLB 40 is its portability. You can plug it into your vehicle’s battery without any complicated wiring. The portable battery system can be installed in any type of vehicle. This system needs a 100W 12V outlet, which allows it to deliver 40 Amp-Hours of power. It can also power 12V cigarette-style devices, USB devices, and two-pin 12V appliances.

The Dometic PLB40 portable lithium battery has an LCD display, so you can view important battery information easily. The display also allows you to monitor the charging status and the remaining battery life. Unlike lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries have a longer cycle life. In addition to being more efficient, lithium batteries can also support devices that require higher voltage.


The EF ECOFLOW DELTA MAX 1600 Portable Power Station is a revolutionary battery-powered power station that is compatible with many different devices and offers hours of power. It is ideal for long trips, camping trips, or any other situation where you need a source of uninterrupted power.

This mini solar generator comes with multiple charging methods, including USB and AC. It is also ultra-portable and lightweight enough to be carried in your backpack. It includes AC cables, user manual, and 24-month warranty. The company provides friendly customer support for its products. For more information, visit ecoflow.com.

This portable power station features an EcoFlow X-Stream technology, which enables it to charge from 0% to 80% in under an hour. This technology also enables the battery to fully charge in 1.5 hours. With this fast charging ability, the EcoFlow RIVER mini offers a faster charge time than any of its competitors.

EcoFlow has a strong position in the portable power station market as well as the larger portfolio of power generation equipment. The EF DELTA mini, for example, offers large capacity, powerful inverters, onboard fast charger, and impressive remote management platform. The company also has a wide range of ancillary equipment and ecosystem, and it has already carved a niche in the market for portable power stations.

EcoFlow puts a lot of thought into every aspect of its design. Its DELTA mini remote is easy to operate and provides a great level of user-friendliness. The model’s landing page displays important information, including the current capacity of the batteries. Additionally, the unit includes an LED screen to monitor usage. The battery capacity, input and output wattages, and Wifi capability are all shown on the screen. The system also has an X-boost mode that allows it to operate on peak power draws up to 1800W.