The All Power 3500 watt Portable Inverter generator is a compact and lightweight portable generator that has proven dependable and undeniable portability. This portable generator can be used for backup power in the home or office, take it camping or even to use as back up power at tailgate parties or other outdoor events. It has a unique all round construction that gives it added durability and strength. If you have this generator, there will always be someone who would think highly of it.

all power 3500 watt portable inverter generator

It features powerful motors that are capable of propelling this machine to places where electricity is not accessible. You can get this unit from online stores at affordable prices. It has a unique cranking mechanism that makes it very efficient and it has an automatic overload protection that prevents damage to the battery system. The all in one unit comes with a foldable design that allows easy storage even in tight spaces. Even though, the crankshaft moves the machinery, the engine is still safe and protected by a safety cover.

The generator’s durability is guaranteed with an uninterruptible power supply that offers an unparalleled level of reliability. Even if one of the pulleys breaks down, the device will still operate smoothly. It even comes with a two year warranty and unlimited mileage. If you use the generator responsibly, you can enjoy long-term benefits.

This unit has four terminals and can handle both 120-volt and AC. It has three high quality industrial grade alternator wires that allow it to be compatible with heavy duty equipment. This machine also has an automatic overload protection mechanism that prevents damage to the batteries. The overload protection prevents overloading of the unit and at the same time protects the electrical wiring from damage and loss. The generator is a fully electronic system.

The generator is easy to install and is available in two options. You can choose the manual option which is more affordable and gives you full control of the operation. The other option is the remote controlled unit. It is perfect for users who do not want to hassle with installation and want the convenience of it being ready all the time. This option comes with the benefit of including all the required parts that come with the power system.

Even though the power system comes with a two-year warranty, you have to bear in mind that there are no warranties when it comes to the performance of the unit. Still, the cost of the unit is cheaper than buying a brand new generator. It has a long operating life and produces more energy than others in the same price. However, the best thing about this unit is that it has no moving parts, therefore, it does not require much maintenance.

When it comes to its size, this portable unit is compact and it weighs less than four pounds. It is also small enough to be placed anywhere. You can use it in places where electricity is not accessible like the garage or your storage sheds. If you want to use it for your personal needs, you can plug it in an electrical outlet. In addition, you will not experience any shortage of power because the generator has a high capacity output. The maximum power is available during low demand conditions.

If you decide to buy a portable unit, then you can expect to pay a higher price compared to the unit that you can buy for your home. However, you will get the best performance and save money if you have the All Power 3500 watt portable inverter generator. With the cost of fuel rising and the price of electricity increasing, it is now possible to reduce your expenses. The unit you buy can even function as a backup power system for your home. It is designed to generate enough power to run various appliances, including computers. By installing this power system inside your home, you will be able to cut down your power bills and you will also be saving the environment.